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This past week I had
 the opportunity to interview new author Jake Butler,the man behind True Confessions of a Male Stripper. It was an absolute pleasure to interview him. He was not only sweet,charming and funny, he blew me away with how open and honest he was.

Please welcome the charming and handsome, Jake Butler.

Hello Jake, How are you today,how 
has your day been?

Great! Thank you so much for the opportunity to answer your questions!

Tell us a little about yourself?

Well, I was born in London and moved to Sydney about 11 years ago. I’m 6 foot 3 inches tall, athletically built, with dark hair, stubble and (I’m told) sparkly blue eyes. I’m a corporate professional by day, dealing with some hugely high profile clients. I have been moonlighting as a male stripper/naked waiter for around 12 years. In terms of my writing, I’m very new indeed having been encouraged to start by one of the very few people who know both sides of ‘Jake’. She told me that my stories needed to be shared, and pushed me until I started to blog. None of this would have happened without her support and sometimes not so subtle art of persuasion ;-)

When did you decide to start writing?

Literally about 2 or 3 months ago. I started blogging initially and things have gone insanely crazy since then. I’m astounded by the level of interest that there appears to be in my stories and am working very hard on my first book right now, with the aim of finishing it as soon as I possibly can!

How much of the book is realistic?

Everything!!… every word (with the exception of some names/places/venues being changed so as not to ‘out’ any of the notable females at each party)  

How did you come up with the title of your debut book?

Easily (and with shamefully little imagination) - The book literally is a collection of true confessions - hence the title - 'True Confessions of a Male Stripper'.

This is your first book. Can we expect another or possibly a series?

If the first book goes well,then yes, I'd love to write more....I've got over 10 years of stories to tell, so material will never be an issue!

A lot of authors like to use pen names because of their careers, is JAKE your pen name?

Yes it is… My anonymity is hugely important to me.

Jake, from the few times I have spoken to you, I can tell you are really quite smooth, a charmer, sweet and definitely a ladies man. For all the single women out there, can you tell us what you look for in the perfect girl and

 how old you are?

Awww - thank you so much (flattery will get you everywhere by the way!). Well, I’m 40 (but feel about 25). I am attracted to girls who possess intelligence, integrity and high personal values. On a physical front, I have a thing for eyes, lips, legs and bums (and have found that I’m a sucker for a pretty girl in glasses!). Good dress sense always catches my eye too!

Can you share a secret about yourself with me you haven't shared with anyone else?

That’s a hard one, as I revealing lots and lots of secrets about myself in my Confessions. What can I tell you… hhmmm - the party I just did at the weekend was one of the hottest I’ve ever done - how about that?

You have mentioned that you were a stripper, can you tell us any stories?

Read my book and you’ll know everything there s to know about
 it all !

Did you ever get yourself in to any
 'sticky' situations?
I’ve been in many - and these will be written about in due course. As I mentioned in a previous interview, I actually had to climb out of the bathroom window at one event I did a few years ago. A couple of girls in the audience were so drunk they started fighting and the police got called… It was horrible!

Have you had any events where men are in the crowd and are they worse than women?

None-I don't think I could perform with guys present-which is a shame as I've had lots of financially lucrative offers to perform for gay guys...I guess that's Sydney for you though!

I must admit I've been really shocked at how naughty(and competitive)girls can be...especially when they are drunk. Obviously some are shy but most girls that I've performed for dive right in and doubt many leave thing 'I wish I'd done that...' very often.

Are women really as wild as people think at male stripper shows?

Yes, they most certainly are! (I’ll say no more than that)

How would you warm up before a show or get in the zone?

Haha… honestly? If I’m booked for a xxx rated show (involving a countdown climax), I’d tend to refrain from orgasming for a couple of days beforehand. I’ve always had rather large orgasms, but I’ve been told often that watching a guy cum heavily is very, very sexy!

Otherwise, I like to get to my parties early, have a hot shower, dress, brush my teeth, splash on cologne and focus my mind.

Can you share with us what songs you would use for your routine?

I actually hate dancing - I find it crass and cliched. I try not to do it if I’m honest as my ‘perforces’ are very different and almost always do not necessitate dancing. 

Would you consider doing one 
more show?

Yes… As I mentioned, I actually came out of a 3 year retirement this past weekend. I have to say, I loved every second of it and am considering taking other new bookings!

What is the hottest thing a woman has given you (or should I say thrown at you) on stage?

Well…. I’ve had some amazing kisses, licks and sucks whilst performing, and also once had a girl take off her g string and hold it to my face as I was being counted down during the finale to one of my xxx rated shows. Her girlfriends went berserk cheering her on as she did it, and I found it very, very sexy indeed (and quite kinky).

Have you ever been to the UK for
 your show?

I started out stripping in London many years ago, but also flew back to the UK to take a booking in Cardiff about 6 years ago. The Welsh girls were awesome, funny and very, very naughty!

What is your favourite toy to use 
in the bedroom?

I think every guy in the world should embrace a very good quality  vibrator to incorporate in play with their partner. I love teasing a girl for hours with toys, my mouth, hands and body. It’s so sexy, and there’s nothing more intense than leading a girl on a long and  circuitous route to orgasm.

On a personal front, I’ve got a couple of cock rings which I love to wear. They make my erections fiercely intense, and I love how my hard cock looks (with the veins visible) and feels when I wear them.I also own a Fleshlight toy (yes, they are incredible), and have tried the Love Eggs from Honey Birdette,
many times too.

Do you see yourself as a Christian Grey(Fifty shades of grey) or Gideon Cross(CROSSFIRE)?

I think I’m definitely more Christian Grey (as I have to confess to being a tiny little bit kinky) and to have recently begun exploring some of my more dominant (but sensual) fantasies and tendencies.

What would you say are your best qualities? and do you have any 
bad habits ?

Oh this is a hard question to answer - I like to think that I’m well mannered and a gentleman. I often get complimented on the way I dress, and how nice I smell (but confess to spending way too much money on clothes and good colognes).

Bad habits? goodness me…I’m a bit overly organised sometimes,and can be guilty of trying to be a perfectionist. 

Are you an Action or Romance type of guy?

Romance all the way!

What is the most romantic thing you have ever done for a girl?

Haha… I’ve done a few things - some of them quite different (and meticulously planned) - but I’ll keep those to myself for fear of giving my identity away!

How would you sweep the girl of your dreams off her feet and ensure she melted in your arms?

I’m very old fashioned. I think manners, politeness and respect are things that are sadly often overlooked in this day and age. I love good conversation, perhaps a little subtle flirting, and would probably take a girl out for cocktails at a classy venue, followed by dinner at an equally appropriate restaurant.

What is your favourite type of music?

My tastes are hugely varied. I like almost everything except for rap and hip hop…

What is your favourite film?

I honestly find it very hard to single any particular movie out. I do love going to the cinema though!

Who is your favourite actor/actress?

Wow.. tough one… I’ll be naughty (and consistent with previous interviews) and say that my favourite actress is Stoya (yes, I know - she’s a porn actress - sorry!). She’s stunningly sexy, has incredibly eyes and makes me weak at the knees.

As for actors - well… I think Matthew McConaghey has played some very fine parts in the last couple of years (but he’s much less my type than Stoya is)  ;-)

Can you share a little of your debut 
book with us?

Of course..
 "The day of the party had arrived and I was finding it difficult to concentrate at work. The hours seemed to drag and I was guilty of clock watching a little. I distinctly remember I was running a training course for my client, stood affront a class of 20 ‘students’, employees of my client who were working hard to gain a qualification in the area in which I specialised. I recall the ironic juxtaposition of 20 sets of eyes & minds attentively hanging off my every word as I meticulously presented theory, example and solution, smartly suited and booted in my work attire… and wondered what it was going to be like having 40 eyes on me in a few hours time as I performed, naked and unashamedly at the CFNM party…

I was supposed to be there for 7pm, but as is my wont, arrived at 6.30, having fidgeted about restlessly for the entire 35 minute cab ride from Adelaide CBD.

 At one point the driver had asked me what I was up to that night and I mumbled something vague about going to a friends party.

On arrival, Karen opened the door and seemed unsurprised that I’d gotten there early. As I’d expected, she was extremely businesslike, and shook my hand before giving me a quick tour of the playhouse. She also filled me in on ticket sales for the evening, mentioning that she was expecting roughly 18 or so girls to attend. This excited me and scared me in equal amounts, my mind just internally churned through question after question: what is this going to be like? what will the girls be like? what if there’s someone here from my client? what am I going to do if I get stage fright? worse, what if I’m so turned on I totally lose it before I’m supposed to?

Karen, ever the perceptive professional took one look at me and simply said… ‘looks you need a drink – come on, let’s grab you a beer, and then you can go and get ready before the girls start arriving’.

As I was nervously sipping a cold one in the kitchen, Ms P arrived and greeted me with a big smile and hug. ‘Jake my dear… if we can pull this off tonight per the running list we’ve agreed on, it’s gonna be one hell of a show.’ It was nice to get positive reinforcement, but I soon realised I’d recently committed to the countdown finale, and my tummy immediately knotted up again. All I could muster in response was ‘I’ll give it my best’, before excusing myself to get ready.

In the bathroom I turned on the shower, then stood and looked at myself in the mirror… memories of my first ever show with Gail & Kate in London flooded back, and I took comfort in the fact that I’d been shaking like a kitten back then and ended up having the best time ever.

I fished around in my backpack for my towel, shower gel, toothbrush, mouthwash, cologne and body spray before stepping into the steaming water. Despite having showered at my serviced apartment before leaving, I washed myself thoroughly again before just giving in to the pleasure of the hot water on my skin. As it rained down on me from above, I slowed my breathing and took myself to a ‘happy place’, feeling better and better with each deep breath. I must have been in there for a while as I soon heard a knock on the door and Karen’s voice telling me that Tim had arrived and that she, Ms P, Tim and I needed to have a quick five minute run through of events.

Team talk over, it was agreed that Tim and I would mingle with the girls when they arrived, pouring them a drink or two and having a quick natter to put their (and our) nerves at ease. Tim had done something like this before, but for a smaller audience, and it was strangely re-assuring to learn he was also feeling a little nervous. Best of all though, he just seemed a great bloke. Despite his confession of butterflies he had this quiet self assuredness about himself. He was wearing a kilt and boots, which offered a very different alternative to my tight white shorty shorts.

Soon the girls had started to arrive. It was exhilarating to meet them and then fascinating to have a quick chat with them. Tim’s quiet confidence was obviously rubbing off on me as I was enjoying the interactions, the flirting and the cheekiness of it all. It was sexy to think that in a short while these girls would be watching me masturbate for them. I soon discovered that a few had been to parties at Karen’s previously and were excited to see what the new CFNM concept was like. The first timers appeared even more nervous than I was, although I was obviously hiding it well as Ms P breezed past me a few times and whispered ‘you guys are going down a storm, the girls are impressed’.

Just before ‘advertised kick off’ V arrived with her friend Laura. V and I had been chatting on Facebook a little and I was delighted she’d followed through with her promise to me that she’d attend. I just had time to lean in close to her and quietly whisper, ‘remember to pull your ear lobe if you get turned on’, before I heard Ms P rounding everyone up in the main lounge room….

‘Girls…. thank you for attending our first ever bi ladies CFNM night…… you’ll have had a chance to meet our boys, so lets get them in…. put your hands together for Jake and Tim!’

A raucous cheer and some wolf whistles greeted our arrival, and I quickly swept my eyes around the room to get my bearings and see where V and Laura were sat. The couch the girls were seated on was a huge brown suede affair and set out in a large L shape.

Tim and I took our places in the middle of the room and we were underway, Ms P excitedly announcing the first of the ‘many activities she had planned for the night’ and explaining the rules of the ‘measuring game’. As she stepped through the instructions, the girls cheered and giggled, and I could tell we were in for a fun hour. Ms P asked for some volunteers and 6 hands shot immediately into the air… ‘you girls aren’t shy are you?’ she gleefully announced before selecting a volunteer each for
 Tim and I….

Of course we knew what was ahead, but these girls were throwing themselves into the night without any real notion of what was going to happen next. Seconds later, under instruction from Ms P, my shorty shorts were slowly lowered and Tim’s kilt was raised. Tape measures were produced and my volunteer had her hands all over me as she announced my ‘flaccid measurement’. Each girl was then given a pen and a piece of paper to estimate my vital statistics when hard, before my volunteer was handed lube by Ms P, and gently started coaxing me to hardness….

A warm feeling shot through my tummy as I felt myself gradually begin to stiffen, the girls cheering and giggling as they saw me growing. I vividly recall revelling in the sensation of what I can only describe as utter ‘sluttiness’. I felt wholly objectified and the feeling was quite delicious. Even now as I write I get that same frisson of excitement from recalling the way the girls quickly looked at me before almost all of them focused their gaze on my hardening cock. V was the exception… she held my gaze and smiled coyly… that smile alone sending me to an incredible hardness…

The games continued… and I was more than holding my own… Tim and I were walking from girl to girl and having squirty cream sprayed on and then licked off various parts of our bodies. I recall vividly the first girl to spray squirty cream on my erection….she was being cheered on riotously by her friends. Once she had sprayed cream along the length of my shaft, she held me for a moment, before looking up at me and agonisingly slowly taking me in her mouth to suck me clean… It seemed that once one girl had been brave enough to do so, the majority of the others followed suit…

I eventually stood before V who whispered to me that she couldn’t lick cream off of me as she had a boyfriend but that Laura wanted to… as Laura took me in her her mouth I stared deeply into V’s eyes… and she gently tugged her ear lobe… whether the girls had planned it I don’t know, but it was such a sexy moment… Laura was deep throating me and it felt incredible, especially as the other girls were noisily egging her on to take more and more of me inside her mouth..

Towards the end of our allotted time-slot, 2 Fleshlights were produced… It was the first time I’d ever seen or used one, and I have to say that after that party I quickly bought one of my own and used it in almost every show I did from that date onwards. The feeling was incredibly lifelike – warm, wet and tight – and as the Fleshlight I was given to use was ‘Ice’ or see through, the visual impact of being able to see my cock slide in and out of the toy, inch by inch, was extremely powerful…

After the CFNM portion of the party finished, some of the girls went off to rooms to play. I was mingling again in the kitchen when V and Laura walked in. I immediately excused myself from the ladies I was talking to and wandered across to them to offer to fill their glasses… ‘come with us for a minute Jake’ said Laura... we need a quick word…

I hastily followed them into an adjoining room which was empty -  ‘we’ve got to go in a second, my boyfriend is coming to pick us up’ added V, ‘but we wanted to tell you that watching you tonight was really, really sexy’… I was disappointed that they were leaving so early, but incredibly touched and flattered that they had sought me out to tell me they had had fun…

I smiled and thanked them again before hugging them both. ‘I shouldn’t do this but I want to’ said V, before kissing me slowly and deeply… it was intense, passionate, and at its very core incredibly sexy. I felt myself beginning to harden again…

‘Can I have one too?’ asked Laura, and there I stood, kissing the two friends as my erection strained to be released once more from my shorty shorts. I stepped back and looked down at my engorged cock and smiled cheekily at V before slowly tugging my ear lobe."

Please feel free to check more Confessions out at: https://www.jakebutler67.wordpress.com

Additionally, for something more punchy (and some pictures) - please check out my Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/jakebutlerfanpage

If you had to do it all again would you change anything in your debut book?

So far… not a thing!

I’m sure though that once I’m finished and published, there’ll be some good lessons learned to leverage and make the process of writing the subsequent books much easier.

 What are you reading at the moment?

‘The Naked CEO’ by Alex Malley - it’s a book about self development, achieving personal dreams and growing as a leader

What were your goals and intentions
in this book and do you feel you have   achieved them?

As I mentioned, I was encouraged to start writing by a female friend just a couple of months ago, so I wanted to be entertaining whilst strictly charting a course of validity, honesty and open-ness. I’m delighted to say that at this stage of the process, I have not strayed from those initial, founding principles (and have no intentions of doing so down the track)


 What was the hardest thing about writing this book and  the easiest ?

Finding the time is most certainly the hardest thing…

Pretty much everything else to date has been easy (and I must say, a lot of fun!)

I’m sure there will be… the one I’m getting most currently is - ‘surely this stuff can’t be true?’. I can 110% guarantee that every word of it is, and it’s really nice to see people who have watched me perform in the past saying hi and commenting on my blog and Facebook page. My answer to the non believers is ‘don’t take my word for it - ask the girls who have seen me!’

I’m also not naive enough to think that everything I write will be totally acceptable to everyone. I’m sure some people will disagree ethically with what I’ve done, which is totally understandable, and something I obviously need to accept.

I’m always happy to answer any questions or queries however, which hopefully may address any misconceptions people might have.

Are you a full or part time writer and how many hours a week do you spend writing?

I’m aspiring to be part time if I’m honest… I was asked this recently by another interviewer and did a quick calculation in my head. I realised on average I'm working 60 hour weeks with my proper job, spending 25 hours a week on other personal endeavors, and then trying to write in and around that.

On the flip side, I’m lucky in that I’m a bit of a writing machine given the chance. If I get an hour, I can usually smash out 750 to 800 words without even blinking. That said I do need to set myself some tighter goals around time allocated for writing, as I really do need to spend a touch more time finishing this book!

Do you have a certain place you like to do your writing?

I normally try to write my local cafe whilst drinking outstandingly good coffee and listening to my iPod. That said, I’m at a stage now, where I’m just trying to write wherever I can - (the office being an exception!! - can you imagine?!?!). I’ve been travelling a lot recently with work and have been writing at airports and onboard planes (luckily I’ve had empty seats next to me on 3 of the four flights I took last week!!)

A good friend was kicking me up the backside over the weekend and telling me I need to start ‘multi-tasking’ in order to get things finished more quickly - she’s hilarious anyways, but actually said ‘just take your laptop to the dunny with you if you have to - we all wanna read this bloody book soon!’ For the record, this will never happen (and I’d rather risk getting caught writing at work than writing whilst I'm in the bathroom!)

What process are you going through to get your book published?

First things first - I need to finish off the content for book one. I’m  picturing something with about 10-12 confessions and some other material which may give some background insights into ‘the other side’ of Jake… 

In parallel, I’ll continue to try to raise awareness about what’s coming in the book as much as I possibly can.

Once I’m done I’ll launch in e-book and paperback format… watch this space!

What makes your book stand out 

from the crowd?

Great question - I’m hoping that the fact that everything is totally  real will ultimately be a major unique differentiators. I try to be honest (often to the point of self deprecation), and give my readers real insight to what life is/was really like performing naked. 

How do you find or make time to write?

This is without doubt, my biggest challenge - and something I’m not yet 100% happy I’ve found the right solution for. Ask me again in a month’s time and I’ll let you know if I’m any further forwards with this one ;-)

What are someways in which you promote your work?Do you find these add to or detract from your writing time?

This will be my third interview/bio now in just over a month. I’ve been approached to do some ‘takeover’ type stuff as well by a few blogs and websites - which appeals to me as I enjoy interacting with people interested in my work. I have an awful lot of help from my amazing assistant Trish (thank you so much) - not only in an organisational and content management fashion, but also in terms of providing me with steer and counsel. I’d simply be utterly lost without her.

I love doing the promo stuff… but yes, it can detract quite a lot from writing time (which with my work and other personal commitments, is scarce anyway)

Just as your book will inspire authors, what authors have inspired you to write?

Ironically, I read very, very little fiction these days. My tastes tend to be more towards history and bio/auto-bio subject matter. That said, I just bought ‘Hooked” by Samantha X - to see what her confessions were like. I’ll give her credit - it’s well written (although she was a professional journo, so my expectation levels were high before I started), entertaining and insightful.

If you could cast your characters in the Hollywood adaption of your book, who would play your characters?

Haha… I’ve been asked this question before and went with Clive Owen or Daniel Craig. I’m more of the Clive Owen type in looks (tall and dark), But Daniel Craig has this mysterious side to him that appeals to me (and he’s very stylish to boot!)

What do you consider to be your best accomplishment?

I could answer that on many levels, but I’ll choose the one which relates to my time stripping. I’m really proud of the fact that without exception I am told how respectful, gentlemanly and considerate I was during my bookings. This means the world to me, and is always my highest priority when I turn up to any event I have been hired for.

Where do you see yourself in ten years time?

Wow…. definitely not stripping anymore (I’ll be way too old by then). Hopefully further up the corporate ladder, but settled and happy on a personal front. I have no idea at all where the writing will take me… I’m literally just enjoying the ride currently and keeping my fingers crossed that people will enjoy the finished article once my first book is complete.

What advice do you have for other

 aspiring authors?

Simple… enjoy it all, and make sure you have the time and resources available to do your work full justice. 

Is there a certain subject you would never write about as a author and what is it?

I would never, ever use the real names of the girls that had booked me for shows (or for that matter, times & places which  may implicate someone accidentally). The only exception to that is if I have contacted someone about a writing I am about to commence and they have indicated to me that they are comfortable for me to use their real names (which has happened three of four times recently !!!)

Is there a certain type of scene that's harder for you to write than others? Love, action, racy?

So far, I haven’t found this to be the case. In all honesty I could write a little differently and the entire book would be wall to wall smut, but I’m conscious of the fact that I want to provide information on the background, how I was feeling and what I was thinking whilst doing my performances.

 Characters often find themselves in situations  they aren't sure they can get themselves out of. When was the last time you found yourself in a situation that was hard to get out of and what did you do?

I actually found myself in a little bit of a tricky spot at the event I did this past weekend. It was the first time I’d taken a booking for  over 3 years, and whilst the party went amazingly well, a couple of the girls were rather tipsy & getting a little bit amorous at the end of the evening. I tried to be as polite as I could about needing to leave, but eventually had to sneak off into the bathroom and discreetly call a cab (which arrived promptly and rescued me!). It was lovely and very flattering, but when you’ve been at a booking for 7 hours & haven’t eaten, the prospect of a hot shower, some room service and a good sleep is usually my no1 priority!

     Whats your biggest fear?

I’m not a fan of sharks or spiders, but would have to say that I’m currently coming to terms with just how hard things are going to be for me to retain my anonymity. I work for an organisation that have some very conservative values, so dread to think what they would make of my exploits should they piece together the clues and work out the ‘real Jake’ 

       What is your favourite colour?


        Do you have any pets?

None at all - I don’t think it’s fair to leave pets at home all day  when you are busy at work. Perhaps some day when I’m old, grey and retired?

      Are you a dress smart kinda guy

 or casual?

I wear a suit and a tie every day for work, so would likely say that I’m a ‘dress smart kinda guy’. That said, I do love kicking back in my diesel jeans, converse and a nice v necked t shirt whenever I can! 

As a stripper, how do you feel about women treating you like a piece of  meat, wanting every inch of you?

If I'm totally honest, I really get off on it.... in fact the whole notion of it buzzes the hell outta me. I love it when I'm performing and a girl can't take her eyes off my body, or more specifically my cock... it's a weird juxtaposition of power and objectification that I feel, but I do find it an incredible turn on

  Where is the strangest place you stripped?

I once did a hen party in Adelaide in August (which is the dead of winter here in Australia). When I got there I was shown outside to the 'porch' which was effectively a covered paved area (let's describe it as a bit like a garage with no walls (just a roof). I was asked to perform naked there whilst 15 girls cheered me on... (trust me, temperatures of just 8 degrees C when you are a naked male are not conducive to impressive results down below!)

 You have stripped so you know what it's like turning on millions of women.What turns
 you on?

Wow.... if only it'd been a million women watching me ;-) Well, the actual stripping itself was a turn on for me. I almost always got hard just from having girls look at me. I also love being watched masturbating, so the games and activities in my performance which involve me being hard, often are preceded by the girls asking me to get myself ready in front of them as they watch... the feeling of stroking myself slowly as 20 sets of eyes laser in on my cock is just indescribably hot...

I sometimes find other very random things a turn on - the way a woman simply carries herself can be a huge turn on in itself. I was sat on a plane just last week and the girl across the isle from me (and in the row in front), was sat cross legged, reading her newspaper and absentmindedly dangling her stiletto from her toes. I have absolutely no idea why, but I found it very sexy (and extraordinarily distracting whilst I was trying to write!)

 You do have a day job as well as the stripping, have you ever been recognised  and how did /would you deal with it?

 Only once. I was in a business meeting in a cafe with a client and I looked up to see a girl who had been at a party I performed at only 2 weeks previously. I must've looked like I saw a ghost. I can vividly remember going totally cold and my stomach tightening into a knot. I was worried that she might come over, but fortunately she did not. I finished up the meeting and saw my client off, before ducking back into the cafe and thanking her for being so discreet. She said that she'd acknowledged that I was in a business meeting and that it wasn't right for her to interrupt - which was incredibly thoughtful and mature of her. I stayed and had a coffee with her, and chatted a little more - it was lovely to be able to show her my appreciation for her (lack of) actions earlier.

 Do you allow girls in the crowd to take photos?

Never - When I accept a booking I stipulate that one of my few 'rules of engagement' is that all phones are handed to the hostess when I arrive and locked away until I leave.

 Where is the strangest place you have had sex with a girl?

When I was much (much) younger I had sex with a girlfriend in the disabled bathroom at a police station (that's the honest truth!)

 Have you ever exploded in the middle of a show when you not supposed to?

Only once! I actually pride myself on my control, and am often booked on the basis of being able to finish my performance with the countdown finale. The only time that it happened was during a party I did in Victoria. We were in the middle of the coits game... (girls attempt to throw rings over my erect cock), and I was laying on the floor being targeted by the two different teams of females. On this occasion however, the two youngest girls (I'd say they were both about 18 or 19 - had been designated by the party hostess to be my 'helpers' (this essentially meant that they were assisting with keeping me erect after each round of throws). I won't go into detail but one young lady in particular, employed a technique for stimulating me which was utterly mind-blowing, and resulted in a total loss of control on my part... (much to the cheers of delight from the others). I was personally devastated, but regained my mojo soon afterwards so that all was not lost (and the countdown could commence a short while later)!

 Do you think it takes a certain type of guy/girl to get the guts to strip, and do you  think there are any dangers?

 Probably yes... Believe it or not, I'm hardly the most assured and self confident person in the world, and I often question whether it's guts or stupidity on my part. You definitely have to take a deep, deep breath and go for it though (especially when you first start)

In terms of dangers - yes..... I've been stalked once - which was horrible - and you constantly have to deal with grabby, scratchy, bitey type injuries!

Do you have any tattoos?

None at all 

And what about tattoos on women?

Tattoos are cool-I'm comfy girls with them totally.

 Have you ever made a sex tape ?

I'm not sure if you could call it a sex tape really. I once filmed myself performing a cum on countdown trick. I used the soundtrack to a 'instructional video' I found online to set the tempo and pace!

I also once got an ex girlfriend to film herself as I went down on her and made her cum. She held the camera so it recorded just her face alone, and I have to say that it is still one of the sexiest things I have ever seen. Watching her facial expressions alone was incredible.

Would you ever consider making a film?

OMG-wow...that's a wonderful thought but I reckon I'm a long,long way from that yet.

You said previously you have used sex toys. What sparked your interest in them and when was the first time you used them?

 I'm quite experimental, so will try many things at least once... I can't remember the first time I used a toy on a girl during sex, but the first time I used a Fleshlight was at a big CFNM ladies night in Adelaide about 8 years ago.

 What's the kinkiest  thing you have done?

 Wow... I could really incriminate myself here - hhhmm... I mentioned in my author spotlight that a girlfriend and I visited a pro domme - that was rather kinky (and very exciting)

I've attended very high end swingers parties (but I've never swapped - just watched other partygoers, and enjoyed people watching me and the girl I took) - which was less kinky, but very also sexy indeed.

I was actually asked to appear in a video in London about 10 years ago. A girl who had seen me perform had her own adult website and asked me if I would be open to shooting with her. I'm very much a hygiene freak, but agreed to do a scene with her that involved me masturbating to orgasm over her stockinged feet and stiletto heels. You only actually see my cock in the video, but I can tenuously claim that I've appeared in porn (and that it was a pretty kinky video at that)...
OMG- can't believe I told you that last one!!

 If you were asked to strip on the spot would you do it?

 I guess that depends on the circumstance and surrounds - but yes, I would (and have actually done so before!)

What would you do if a lady is shy but wants to come up on stage?

During my bookings, I make it a priority to chat to all the girls and do my homework on them. I can usually work out who's game and who isn't, and I would never embarrass anyone.

So no need to hide in the back 
of the room?

Definitely not! I'd come and find anyone who decided to hide anyways! ;-)

Do you have any regrets about any of the shows you performed at ?

Yes. The show where the police were called was just not good from start to finish...I kinda wish that I had done that one differently.

Do you have a favourite football team?

I do, but they are not very good.

Jake, you were a dream to interview thank 
you for chatting with me, I have had a great time.
I will look forward to our catch up when 
 is published.
 Everyone please go check out Jake's book
 when it's releases, I can guarantee you now that you will love it.

I would also like to say a massive thank you to JB, you know why. Good luck with the new release and enjoy the amazing journey your on.





  1. Love this interview. Louise, you have the guts to ask the questions most are to shy to query.
    Once i start reading Jake's answers i find i get pulled to the next one and the next one. Not being able to wait to see what he will reveal and is willing to let us in on. Love this guy and his truthfulness.
    I hope one day i get to meet him. Yes i would LOVE to attend a party staring Jake. But i would also love to just have a coffee and chat with him. He is so very interesting that I find him and is life story fascinating.
    Anyway. Awesome job Louise Evans. Thank you to you both for the wonderful entertainment.

  2. Thank you Kasey this was my favourite interview to date that I have done. Loved every minute of it.

  3. Brilliant interview with Jake, the only thing, I maybe would have wanted to know...is Jake going to be on the cover from the neck downwards? Young girls love older men and older woman, wouldn't feel so perverted lmao....but Jake sounds like a gentleman/ and a fantasy man all in one ;)