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Author interview with JAMES CROW on behalf of BLOGL.MEVANS By Kirsty and Tilly

James Crow Interview

Hi Everyone, this is Kirsty
T- and I’m Tilly and we thought it would be a great idea to do an informal interview with the king of filth!
K- Not your normal run of the mill interview, more of a chat, which we hope will entertain and shed some light on what makes James tick!
T- We’re die-hard fans of James and have been in the Crowgirls group since the beginning. James has since collared us to be his admin for his street team, the Juicy Ladies and we pimp his ass all over Facebook.
K- There’s certainly been lots of fun and wild moments along the way and James has given us the confidence to embrace our inner kink!
T- He’s even featured us in his books and made us get up to all kinds of kinkery fuckery, so James, here’s your truth serum, drink it all up and let the green fairy take over!
James – Thank you, girls. And cheers, Tilly – bottoms up!
K – Cheers James! And congrats on your latest release, One Filthy Man. It’s a hot filthy story as the name suggests, but it’s also full of intrigue and keeps the reader turning the pages to find out what happens next. Tell us what planted the seed for Seb’s story.
J – the seed, I guess, had to be the challenge that was set. My amazing whip-cracking, ball-biting, ass-kicking PA Michelle McGinty came up with the idea of a crowgirls cast. Run a comp, she said. A filthy fantasy comp, she said. Pick some winners and write them into a filthy story. It’ll be a blast, she said.
So we ran the comp, picked those filthy winners – my jigsaw pieces.
T- *squeals* – yes, you picked me LOL! I’m finally in a book and get my one wish (and it wasn’t the cucumber!) Sorry James, please continue…..

J – Haha! Settle down, silly Tilly! As well as granting Tilly her filthy fantasy, I had to think up a good enough story to make the filth believable. And the ‘seed’ that presented itself was my crowgirls readers group – the nest – myself at the helm looking after so many filthy girls.
I started with Seb – I wanted the opposite to the clean, tattooed guy in a suit. Seb is a long-haired billionaire scruff. He doesn’t own a tie or a suit (he thinks ties are for dribbling your food on and suits are for twats with ulterior motives) – nor does he have any tattoos (although now that he has fallen in love he’s thinking of getting a little red heart on his shoulder to match his girl’s tat).
So, the seed that was our crowgirls ‘nest’ became the key to story growth. If you read it a second time you may spot many parallels between our reading group and the story world.
As for Seb’s personal story – and thus the plot itself – I saw the ending first and wrote the book backwards from that. And Michelle was right – it was a blast!
T - We love that the book features those competition winners from your readers group. Did you have fun getting in the minds of those girls and did you come across any hurdles when trying to pull the story together?  
J – fun? Hell yes. Knowing those girls, I tried to implant some parts of their (perceived) personalities before exaggerating them a tad – that was fun to do. The major hurdle was catering for so many girls – Rhiannon – the main star. The cast: Tilly, Lindsay, Dawn, Vicky, Isabella, Jessica. Special cameo: Jocelyn. And, of course, the surprise and very special guest. Moulding a believable story around those characters while trying to ensure each got some good page time (and a good seeing to) while making each scene part of the story was more like a whole racetrack of hurdles. I pulled a lot of hair before it was done.
K - It was worth it though (even if you ended up bald ;-)). Lots of your famous filthy fuckery and I felt everyone had a fair share of action with Seb – lucky bitches ;-) Any personal favourite scenes or moments in the story that you wish to divulge?
J – way too many to count. Among all the filth and the twists and turns of the plot, Rudy stands out. What a sweet little guy. And then, baby girl, when she loses her V, she was hilarious in that scene. The shape-shifter porn too – that was FUN to write. I never thought I’d ever use the words moist – love tunnel – rod – shaft – but use them I did. I could go on and on and on. What were your favourites?
T- Well you know what mine was - Getting fucked against the door and reading Lindsay a bedtime story. Come to Mommy!
J – Ah yes, it was fun to have Sebastian surprise you like he did, and baby girl Lindsay’s “mommy” line had me in hysterics. She’s so funny.
K- Bwahhaaa that line is going to become a classic! Ah, God, it’s so hard for me to narrow it down but the scene between Tilly & Rann in the greenhouse was explosive and who can forget Nurse Elaine’s show-- that was off the Richter scale –cor!!!
J – Hell yes, I’m sweating now just thinking about that greenhouse scene – and wincing at Nurse Elaine’s kinky antics. She’s a filthy slut that one.
T – Sir! *puts up hand* - speaking of filthy sluts can we see my scene again please?
J – which one, you had like fifty? :D
T – where Seb bangs me against the wall.
J – It was a door, actually
T – I don’t care if it was a door or a wall, please let us see it again.
J – like a teaser you mean?
T – exactly!
J – OK, here goes…
‘It looks like you had fun,’ I say to Tilly as she stands before my desk.
‘I caught the sun a bit, sir.’
She is a little red in the face. I move to get up from my seat. Rudy hops to the floor and into his bed by the window.
I go around to the front of my desk and sit against it. I beckon Tilly closer and she steps right up.
‘How did it go?’ I ask, and she gasps as I rip her shirt open.
‘It all went to plan, sir,’ she tells me.
I look into her dilated pupils, listen to her quick breaths as I pull down the cups of her bra and free her tits. I run the backs of my fingers over her nipples and her eyes close at the touch.
‘How did she react when you told her?’
Tilly tells me that she did what I told her to, she paid careful attention to Rhiannon’s eyes as she revealed the (SPOILER REMOVED).
‘And what did you see in those pretty green eyes?’
‘I think… I think I saw a little fear, sir. Just a flash. Then maybe curiosity.’
‘Did she touch you?’ I place my fingers in the waistline of her skirt, next to her stomach.
‘God yes. Yes, she did, sir.’
‘But not for long enough?’
‘No, sir.’
‘And now you are burning up, not just from the sun?’
She swallows, licks her lips. ‘Yes, sir.’
I stretch out the waistline of her skirt then let it snap back against her skin.
‘You did well,’ I tell her. ‘You may go now.’
She looks at me aghast, but I keep a poker face.
‘Thank you, sir.’ She pulls up the cups of her bra, and heads for the door as she fastens her shirt.
I strike like a big cat, two long strides and I’m slamming her into the door, pinning her against it as I kick her feet apart, lift her skirt, pull her knickers to the side and sink my dick into her.
Her moans are loud, her body shaking. I fuck her hard and fast and she comes apart. Comes all over my pummelling cock. I let go and she drops to the floor, panting for breath.
T – oh God – now I’m wetter than an otter’s pocket. Thank you, James x
K – lol Tilly, but I know what you mean you jammy sod.
T – excuse me while I go to the loo. Kirsty you carry on.

K – Lol ok. James, are you a plotter or a pantster when it comes to writing a story? Do you have a set process when writing your books or have you found every book different?
J – plotter every time. I start with a possible end scene, sometimes two possible endings. Then I come up with a beginning. After that I plot the milestones – the turning points in the story. Once all the milestones are in place, I begin to fill in the blanks and join the dots. Sometimes the storyline changes course, but that’s all good.
T- I’m back. I had to flush my knick-knacks – ruined again. Anyway, we loved our regular updates regarding the book, the little teasers and the chapters that you sent, and it always happened to be whilst we were on a train or something – thank God Virgin trains have toilets ;-)
J – haha – dirty girl!
K- and I reckon Tilly’s work colleagues must think she had a problem considering how many “toilet breaks she took! LOL”
T – Don’t laugh at me! As soon as I knew more crow words were waiting for me, I couldn’t concentrate! Do your characters seem to highjack the story away from the intended plot or do you always have full rein on the story?
J – yes, they do occasionally do what the hell they want and sometimes you just have to let them. Lindsay for example, when she lost her V, she only went and blabbed about bloody carrots. It was funny though, so I left it in – gave her a good spanking for it. Another example was Dawn, she demanded to be a part of the (spoiler removed). Demanded the first (spoiler removed). I couldn’t say no. So, yeah, I don’t think I ever have full rein.
K- Lol, wouldn’t expect anything less from those naughty minxes!
T- Sorry can we pause a minute – I need to go and do a wee!
K- you’ve just been, Tilly (eye roll!) I’ll get you a glass – James you hold it!
T – OK *squats*
K OK you all done, Tilly? Fancy a prawn now, James?-
J – yummy! :P

K – James you are one filthy man. Do you tend to write subjects that you are comfortable with or do you just like to push your personal boundaries when writing?
J – it’s reader’s boundaries that I try to push. And when you receive a message or an email saying that a reader has tried something from one of your books and that their sex life has restarted, well, that makes it all worthwhile.
K- You certainly inspired me! Lol! Sorry TMI!
J – see, that makes me smile! šŸ˜Š
T- I’d like to piss on a lorry too!

K- shhhhhhh Tilly. Was this how you set out to write like at the beginning, or is from the reaction that you have since publishing Six that has continued to write this way?
J – I think, I just love to tell a good story, and what better than sex? Simple really.

T – Speaking of sex, the very lovely, legendary Crowgirl,  Nico asks ‘You obviously do a great deal of detailed research when writing your books, has any of that research affected you personally and changed the way you wrote the book?’ And, Crowgirl  Lindsay specifically wants to know on a scale of 1 to holy shit how bad is your internet search history while writing a book?
J – Nico – I think a lot of my research affects me, makes me worry for humanity. But the one character who stands out is Dani from DARE. Researching her mindset made me realise that most of us are unbalanced in one way or another.
And Lindsay, my search history is so unreal it’s holy unicorn shit!

K- mine too ever since I started reading your words! There’s been many moments when reading your books that I thought that just isn’t possible and after a quick google search, you’ve had me shouting ‘‘OMG’ he wasn’t making it up, men can actually suck their own cocks!’
T- Yeah I googled ‘can men have two cocks’ after reading FHS…. Really…really??
J – broadening reader’s horizons! I love it!
T- Your characters are all so different and Crowgirl Rhiannon wants to know if you ever get emotionally attached to any of your characters?
J – every one of them to some extent. And I think that’s because there’s a small part of me in there somewhere. I especially loved Rudy – I wanted to keep him!

T- Do you want Bruno??
J – Christ he’s like a horse. I can only imagine how big his poop bags are.
K- Aww Rudy, you can’t help but fall in love with that ugly mutt!! I think you should do Rudy’s own line of swag. So, are you saying your main male characters all have elements of you?

J – Yes, but all characters, female too.

T- can we see your…… (SPOILER REMOVED!)

J – Tilly you’re drunk. Again.

K - Standard! James, you launched on the indie author scene back in 2016 with the phenomenal kinky story that is, Six. Crowgirl Patty asks what have you learned about yourself as a writer, since writing Six?
J – I’ve learned that I can always improve. Some readers said there weren’t enough feels in Six. So I wrote Six Toy and made them cry šŸ˜Š
T- I loved the wedding scene!
J – softie!
K - Yep I’m raising my hand, you had me in tears. Especially reading about Suki and her backstory.

J – The thing that was so heart-breaking about Suki’s story is that many women in our real and cruel world have the same backstory.
K – so true. Very sad. It made me feel for her even more.
T - Crowgirl Rhonda wants to know where did your ideas for Six & Six Toy come from?
J – Rhonda, I guess just a filthy imagination and the need to deliver a good story.
T- What made you start writing Six? Did you always aspire to be an Erotic author?
J – my friend Jade West made me do it. Blame her for the mayo! (thanks Jade x)

T - Crowgirl Lisa questions whether there are any of the characters in your books based on real people you know and are any of the sexploits in your books based on personal experiences?
J – hell yes to both šŸ˜Š – Mallory (Six and Six Toy), for example, is an old school teacher of mine. I enjoyed giving her a giant clit. She was an evil bitch. And those scenes in Six and Six Toy where Jonathon Gold turns Emma into an outdoor exhibitionist – yeah, done that. I could go on, but I won’t tell you about the mayo party. Haha!
T- hey James, where was our invite!
K - LOL, I’ve just spit out my wine! You can’t mention the mayo party and not expand on it more! Top up your glass and spill the beans Mr Crow!
J – actually there were carrots, too, cut into dipping strips.
K – and? We want more!
J – hmm. I can tell you a scene that didn’t make the final cut… there was this woman, she had the weirdest kink. She liked to have her ass filled with squirty cream. And I mean FILLED – the whole can!
Then she liked to be fucked doggy style, nice and slow at first, while she watched over her shoulder as the cream oozed from her asshole. And do you know, she was so determined to watch the whole thing, that as things got rougher and harder and faster, she would press her tits against the wall, ensuring her head would stay in position looking over her shoulder. I was scared I was going to break her neck as I slammed into her and the cream went pfttt pfttt pfttt.
T – OMFG! Really?
J – no I made it up :D
K- LOL James. (makes note to buy squirty cream) What characters in your books are you least likely to get along with?
J – the bad guys, I guess. Colin in DARE, for example. What a bastard he was, taking advantage of a vulnerable girl. He deserved what he got!
K- Hear, hear!
T- Aw James, you have got a sweet side to you.
J – I wouldn’t hurt a fly. Well, I would swat a fly. And if a harvester spider came crawling up your shoulder I would knock it to the floor and Rudy would probably eat it. But you know what I mean. :D

T- We are interviewing you, but out of all your characters, who would you most like to interrogate & why?
J – Maybe Dani from DARE. Although I think any interrogation would end up in a major filth-fest and I wouldn’t be able to walk properly for a month.
K- I had a feeling you were going to say her. She certainly captured your imagination!
T- I loved Dani, she was such a fucked-up soul.
J – she’s beautiful through and through. I think she lives in my spine somewhere. Sweet thang.
T- The book went down a storm when it was released in June 2017. Crowgirl Tiffany would like to know if you ever would consider writing an extended epilogue to Dare? She along with many others want to know more about Dani and Drew.
J – Tiffany, I do have HALF a story in mind for that. I’ll see if I can develop that idea. I’m sure it would be fun.
K - Woohoo! I can’t wait to hear about further developments on that! Dani is such an intriguing wild character…..
T- I always thought Drew was a part of Dani’s imagination?
J – no comment
K- He was….. wasn’t he? But that can still be carried on in a future story?
J – no comment
T- Coming back to Dani, she certainly liked her vegetables ;-) and food items do feature a lot in your books. Crowgirl Dawn inquires if you have ever used a carrot sexually on someone or yourself? Crowgirl Gaynor also wants to know if you really like mayo?
J – Dawn and Gaynor – carrots and mayo go together so well, don’t you know?
And who hasn’t used a carrot on someone or themselves? Duh! There was one particular scene in DARE – in the park, where Dani’s teacher orders her to sit on the bench. Could she really push out FIVE carrots? I had to check the plausibility. Call it research.
K- OMG! I’m wetting myself here. I laughing so hard I’ve spilt my wine and knocked my glasses off! I need a break to recompose myself. We NEED a demonstration, like right now!
T- Oh God, Kirsty, in total agreement, whip those trousers off James!
J – I would if I had any carrots. The dog ate them.
K- We’ve read Dare multiple times and always find little gems to the plot that we never noticed before – it’s a book that just keeps on giving! Was that what you intended? Are there any hidden agendas in any of your stories that amazes you that people haven’t commented on and do you DARE to share them with us?
J – that was entirely my intention with DARE. I wanted it to be a read that could be read ten times over. There are many hidden gems that people haven’t yet commented on – and no I won’t share!
T- oh come on James, I need more ideas for Mr Elf – what have I missed.
J – read it again! And again!! And again!
K- Spoilsport! I second Tilly. What can we bribe you with or maybe we can do a DARE? What an incentive though, to dive back in again and see if we can spot anything else.  Watch out J, the queries are going to come flooding your way when people read this!
J – bring it on!
T - Nico also asks what would give you the greatest pleasure in writing a book? Would it be the sales, reviews or something else? And on the downside, what pisses you off most when you release a book? If you get bad reviews, the sales, if you aren’t happy with it or something else?
J – Nico – the greatest pleasure, for me, is when reader loves the story.
Negative reviews don’t piss me off. I know my writing pushes boundaries and some readers won’t like that. That’s fine by me. In fact, I can’t think of anything that pisses me off.
K - As you now have 5 published books, Crowgirl Karen wants to know that now your brand is growing, do you feel more pressure to deliver more with every new release (she promises there was no pun intended in her question lol)
J – Karen, no, the pressure is just the same. If my beta readers say the story is crap, that’s where the buck stops. That’s where I get the story great. No pressure šŸ˜Š
K- Are you nervous/excited when you send the chapters out to your betas and wait for their reactions?
J – yeah I’d be a fool not to be nervous. I hate disappointing my reader. And yeah, excited too – hoping that they’ll love it.
T- I always got the feeling that you were nervous when you sent out the chapters out for OFM, but I’ve always felt they were always spot on.
J – thanks šŸ˜Š
K- Do you stayed glued to your computer waiting for the responses or do you fire the chapters off and then step away go and do something to distract yourself?
J – I sit there til it pings! HAHA!
T- Your lovely ‘if carlsberg made PAs’ Michelle has asked, ‘With so many erotic books being published - How do you make yours stand out from the rest?’
J – Michelle, my amazing PA – do mine stand out from the rest? I just write my shit and hope that reader will love it. Oh, and an alluring cover, of course. I like to aim to be different.
K- They do certainly stand out and I absolutely love the cover for FOR HER SINS (might be being a bit biased here) It was instantly recognisable, and was spot-on for the story. Does it take a lot of time to find that perfect image, or has every book been different?
J – I love working with the designer – ideas back and forth, images back and forth, special effects back and forth, and so on. Yeah, it takes time to get it looking great!
T - All your stories are uniquely different and, as well as kink, you’ve shown your dark side in DARE and made us laugh with FOR HER SINS. Michelle would also like to know would you write a book outside the erotic genre or is your mind just full of kink? And as we are talking genres, Crowgirl Karen asks out of all the genre's to write about why did you pick Erotica?
J – Michelle, my filthy mind would not be happy writing anything else. I would die of boredom.
Karen – I guess I am just one filthy man.
T- I think you would write really well in paranormal and Erotic Horror
J – I’ve already started writing the story. Erotic horror with a paranormal twist. I want to give my readers orgasms in their nightmares.
T – OMG I can’t wait, James.
K – yay to that!
T- Crowgirl Sam asks what is your favourite kink from your books & Crowgirl Shannon wants to know how you come with all your kinky filthiness?

J – Sam – lots of favourites, but if you wanted to try one right now I’d go for the shotgun (from DARE)
    The shotgun: where he fists you, then sticks his dick up your ass and grips it through your pussy and fucks you like he’s cocking a shotgun.
You game?
And Shannon – I sit and think and dream up scenarios, discarding the first five ideas, always aiming to improve. A filthy imagination, I guess.
K- Lucky girl, Sam! Tilly was already bending over waiting for James to offer!
J – and of course we’d need a double-barrelled shotgun for you :D
T- Lol James. You’re a mountain of knowledge and always coming up with thrilling ideas. Have you any unpublished/unfinished stories that you’ve began and may return to later on?
J – Only in my head. There’s a constant orgy going on in there.
T- you ran out of absinthe again James. I need to get in your head!
K- Oh how we’d all love to have a sneak peak to see what’s going on. I bet it’s probably got more scenes and images than Pornhub and Sex.com have in their entire archives combined!
J – it’s always moist in there šŸ˜Š
T- Urgh don’t use that word, James. You are always busy and Karen wants to know what does "down time" consist for you. Either before or after you finish writing a book. Is there something that you do every time?
J – Karen, yes, I start writing my next book straight away.
T- Karen have you seen the picture that Kirsty put up in Crowgirls with James chained to the desk and his bottle of absinthe?
K- We’ve only allowed him away from the computer for an hour to do this interview ;-)
K- Seeing as you write filthy fuckery, Lindsay asks if you let family members read your books? What do they think of your filthiness??
J – Some do. Some like. Some are impressed. Some are too embarrassed to comment. But there’s one who doesn’t know – my Aunt Fee – stuck up bitch. I enjoyed writing her into Six and Six Toy. Haha!
K- I bet your Aunt is a closet kinkster ;-)
J – I’m sure I’ve heard the dull clack of love eggs as she’s walked past me.
T- yeah, and I bet she’d like to climb the judge’s ladder.
T- This is from Michelle, if you could spend a weekend with any of your female characters which one would you pick and where would you go?
J – good question Michelle. I’ll choose Dani from DARE, take her to a nice barn in the middle of nowhere. We’d have filthy fun. I might even survive.
T- It should have been me!
K – or me lol! I’m now very jealous of Dani! Don’t forget your stash of magic mushrooms and make sure you take a trip to the supermarket to stock up on those veggies beforehand!
T- Crowgirl Karen also wants to know when you write do you snack and drink as your working or do you set it out in time slots and leave the computer to break... Is your work area meticulously clean or a chaotic nightmare, but still so YOU know where everything is and nobody else.
J – Karen – my work desk is big, untidy, cluttered with all kinds of shit, and surrounded by fairy lights and candles. I’m looking right now and there’s at least 6 things I’d have to shift if Mom called round. And it gets even messier when I’m writing like crazy – crumbs, sweet wrappers, absinthe stains…
K- Amongst other stains???…….
T- my juices?
K-Lastly, what next from you? What’s whirling in your head at the moment and have you made plans on what you want your next book to be about?
J – each new book is written after suggestions from my reader group. This time the vote went for dark erotic horror and I have started the plotting. Watch this space!
K -I can’t wait! Now chop, chop! You have had long enough away from your computer – let’s get you chained back to your desk
T-Misery is calling!!
J – Ah, Tilly my number one fan!
Thanks so much, girls x

One Filthy man 
by James Crow 

Released 11th May is available for pre-order on amazon now.

I just wanted to say thank you to Kirsty and Tilly for doing this interview with author James Crow on behalf of my blog, I really enjoyed reading this interview and I am sure the readers will as well. 

Be sure to go get James's new release on the 11th May on amazon, he is one of the filthiest authors you will read. if you won't take my word then go check out his other releases all available from amazon UK and COM  

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