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Breakaway's LEVI & PRESLEY interview


Hi, thank you for joining me today. How are you both?

Presley: I’m doing well. Thank you for having us.
Levi: We’re doing great.

Levi, what did you think of Presley when you first met her?
I thought she was hot and she had a bit of a no-bullshit personality,
which made it fun to get under her skin and piss her off.

Presley, what about you what were your first impressions of Levi
when you first met him?

Well, he wasn’t bad on the eyes, but he was really a argonaut jerk. I didn’t really like him at all, but he just kept nagging me, and I gave in. 

Levi, why couldn't you put the past behind you rather than do everything
possible to annoy Presley’s brother, Trevor?
The past fueled me for a long time, so it was difficult to let it all go.

Presley, what did you think about all this rivalry between Trevor and Levi?

*eye roll* Boys will be boys. However, I understand it because they’re very
and they both want to be the best in hockey. 

Levi, when did you first realize that what you were doing with Presley was
 more than just "having fun"?
I think it started the first night we went to the ice rink and snowballed after that.

Presley, how did you feel when you found out Levi was using you to get at Trevor?

Hurt. Enraged. The list of emotions is endless. I couldn’t believe that I had
cared and loved him so deeply, only to find out that I was part of
some messed up plan to get back at my twin brother.

Levi, was it hard to admit your love to Presley?
Yeah, of course, but I knew I needed to tell her.

Presley, how did you feel when you heard Levi defend you when
Trevor called you a bunny?

You know, it was a mix of emotions. I knew that Trevor was upset finding out
about Levi and I, but it was nice to see Levi defend me. At the same time,
Trevor is my brother, and I knew that he didn’t mean it.

Levi, the cards were so romantic and made loads of girls melt.
What or how did you come up with that idea?
Well, at first it was because she wouldn’t talk to me. Those cards were my last
chance for her me to talk to her without saying those things verbally.
Then, it just became what I did for her.

Presley, did you love the cards and have you finally  fully forgiven
Levi for hurting  you now?

The Valentine cards were the greatest gift I’d ever received. I don’t think I can
even explain how great and how special, each one of them mean to me. 
I have forgiven Levi. I think our future will be bright together,
 and I can’t wait to see what happens.

Both, what is it about hockey that you both enjoy? 

Presley: Hockey reminds me of my father and my twin brother. Of course now,
my love is at a whole new level because of Levi, but I love everything about it.
The passion of the sport and fans should be explanation enough. 
Levi: I love the competition, the adrenaline, and what hockey means to
my family. I love everything about the sport. 

Levi, what buzz to you get when you’re on the ice?
It’s a rush to be out there when everyone has the same focus and the
 physicality of it is great too. 

Both: what is next for you both and where do you see yourselves
in the next few years?

Presley: For me, professionally,  it’s law school, and focusing on my future career.
Personally, it’s being with Levi, because there is no where else I want to be.
Levi: I’m going to focus on hockey, doing what it takes to stay at the top of my game. I see myself keeping an eye on Pops and keeping Presley in check, of course. Haha.

Thank you for an awesome interview
Thanks for having us!

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