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Author Interview
Mike O'Neill/01society

Please welcome the brilliant erotic author,
Mike O'Neill.

Hello Mike, tell us a little about yourself?

  I'm in my late 40's. My girlfriend of over 5 years is Karen, we meet thru a dating site
 and haven't look back since. She is my world.
Ever since from an early age at school I've suffered with dyslexia. It was my weakness in many things but I overcame my fear and began to self publish. I am a senior consultant for a recruitment agency whom I've been with for over 12 years. Since I can remember I've been writing short tales for what seems for ever. My last count was just over 160.  Karen came across a file I had hidden with about 15 tales. She was the first to read them. At first I thought she would be shocked to read my smut... LoL. But she really liked them. She suggested I set up a blog and get some feed back.  With the blog up and
 running I decided to post some samplers. 
3 months later with over 64000 views I 
decided to put my stories into print. 
More about me later in the interview later.  
I don't wish to spoil the fun. But at this time we are on our holidays in the sun in Barbados. This is my second time here. I love it as it's one of the few places I really shut down and relax.

When did you decide to start writing?

 I started writing as a hobby at first, but then I was taken into a lifestyle the made me the man I am today.  So I began to keep a diary. 

Which I use for my stories.

How much of your book is realistic?

I would say that 80%  of my tales are realistic. 

How did you come up with the titles of your books?

The titles,  ...... for the Taking just came into head. This happens a lot me. I'm just doing something then an idea comes into my head. Yours for the Taking & I'm yours for the Taking are from a series I've decide to print. 
My 3rd book. Tales of free Dom is an idea I've been playing with for a while. 

What inspired you to write your first book?

Karen is my inspiration for all my books. With her pushing me my work wouldn't be in print. 

Just like your books will inspire new authors, what authors inspired you?   

I can't say what authors inspire me, but I do enjoy H G Wells

Where did your love for books come from?

My love came from the first time I read the Time Machine.   The attention to detail just blew me away.

What is your favourite book?

My favourite book.  I only read it once, I don't know who the author was, but the title was called ONE. Science vs religion.  The tale was of cloning, the clone was a woman who believed she was the second messiah due to the implants she received, but at the end of the story you wondered if she was in fact a clone or a real person.To this day I can't find that book anywhere. 

What do you enjoy about writing your books?

I enjoy the memories from my past and sharing with the general public.

Are you a full time or part time writer and how many hours a day do you spend on writing?

 I write when I can. My full time job takes up most of my time. Finding time to completely zone out is hard.  I do try to make at least 2 days a month.  Karen stays out of my way because when I start writing every else around me is closed off.  I remember one week end I started writing in the mid Saturday and stopped the following Sunday in the early hours. I sure you can relate to that. 

Are there any misconceptions that people have about your books? If so what are they?

Misconceptions.   Errrmmmm. To be honest.  I don't care what people think. I was once told by a so called author that my tales were the worst, badly written rubbish she came across. That hurt.  But I took a step back and decided to go ahead with self publishing all the same.  I don't do it for the money. In fact I don't think I've earned enough for a case of beer. Lol. 
Seriously I enjoy putting pen to paper, if people read my books then good if not. I'm not going to loose sleep over it. 

What is the biggest thing people think they know about your subject genre, that isn't so?

My tales are based on my lifestyle as a Dom, many people who read 50 shades think that the life style is just like the book.   So wrong.......  It used to annoy me so much, so I decided to come out and speak up. Answer questions on the lifestyle.  I may even set up a blog.  Karen calls me Doctor Dom.  A certain lady on Facebook  loved the title and calls me Doc.  She said it suits me well and good on Karen for the nick name. 😜😜😜😜

What is the most important thing people don't know about your subject genre, that they need to know?

The most important thing people need to understand is 1. Trust & Communication, 2 the sub has control. Not the Dom.  It's the sub that submits, it's a gift to the Dom. The Dom then protects and loves the sub.

What makes your book stand out from the crowd?  

I don't want my books to stand out.  I just want people to enjoy them.  Simple really.  

What is the hardest and easiest part about writing your books and why?

The hardest part is the beginning. Finding the right tale that suits my mood at the time I begin to write.  I search through my tales and then when I find what I'm looking for I switch into my writing zone.

 Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?

Dyslexia.   Karen is my proof reader, she holds nothing back which is what I want. Is she says this is making sense. I take the tale back, tear it apart and rework the tale again.It works for me. 

Characters often find themselves in situations they are sure they can get themselves out of.When was the last time you found yourself in a situation that was hard to get out of?  

A situation hard to get out of.....I'll come back to that one.......  Joking.  I take each day in a stride.   Let's say I learnt from mistakes.

How many books have you written?

I'm doing a series of books.  .... for the Taking.   I've 2 on sale now, only thru Amazon.  Yours for the Taking & I'm yours for the Taking.  I have 2 more I'm working on.
 Heroines for the Taking. This is a sci fi tale based in an alternate universe where superheroines are subjected to sexual .....  Well.   You'll have to wait on that one. The 2nd is subs for the Taking.  Tales from a subs point of view.  This is going to be based on male as well as a female. Tales of free Dom was an idea when I posting on my blog. I invited followers from FB and twitter accounts to donate pics of themselves for me to match up with a story. I didn't want nude pics just an image that they liked. Facial, legs covered breasts.I think it worked.Just have to wait and see.

Are there certain types of scenes that's harder for you to write than others? And is there a subject you would never write about?

 Romance,   I don't do romance.  However when I'm with Karen that side always comes out.

The characters are based on real people that have come my way in my life.  I'll say no more as I am very respectful towards those around me.  Always.

Who designed the covers?

Tales of free Dom was designed by a photographer from Newcastle - England.  The model on the cover is from a follower on tweeter.  She left tweeter due to bad tweets she was receiving. Her husband decided enough was enough.   I have other pics of her ready for subjects in the future.  Yours, was done buy another follower from Wales. I sent her an image and she came back with the cover. Book 2 is special.  Again another follower from tweeter, this lady from the US. She posted pics of a selfie which gave me an idea. Her boyfriend designed the cover on my idea and I loved it.
For every book that was brought I asked for a selfie with the book.  Just for fun.  But the response was better than I expected.

What were your goals and intentions for your first book and how well did you feel you achieved them?
I have no goals. If people enjoy my books. Then I've done what I've set out to do. 

Can you share with us a little of your work?

Of course, 

A lot of authors choose to write under a few pen names, how many do you have?

  01society.  Karen cam up with the name.  After my ideas fell flat. Hahahaha. 

Can you share a secret about yourself with me you haven't shared with anyone?  

Secrets stay secret.  Hahahahaha....

If you had to do it all again would you change anything in your debut book?

My debut book is full of mistakes,  I kept it this way to show to other suffers of dyslexia that nothing is impossible. 

Are there any authors that have grasped
 your interest?  

Carrie Ann Ward. Like me she has overcome her fear and proved that she can live her dream. 

What are your best qualities and do you have any strange writing habits?

My best qualities.....Laughter. I have had a hard life, I got through it so now I can laugh. My bad writing habits. Being interrupted. Ohhh Don't even go there...Lol. Poor Karen....Xxxxx

Where do you see yourself in ten years time?

In 10 years time still working. But with a rescue dog, I so want a dog. 

Are you a action or romance type of guy?

As I mentioned earlier, I don't do romance. Poor Karen. Joking. I do every thing for Karen. Without her, I'm lost. She says I do her head in......Hahahahaha.

What is your favourite movie?

 Not got one. But I do have 2 favourite scenes.  The opening scene to Star Wars. The  huge destroyer just keeps going & going. And the scene from the last Star Wars film when Vader mask is clicked into place. Silence then the first breath.   You gotta hand it to Mr Lucas 

What star sign are you?


 Do you read your reviews and do you respond to them good or bad?

I like to read my reviews. Not bothered if good or bad. But asking people to post a review is hard, as most don't. 

 Now the gritty stuff.  Before I answer.  I must state that I'm now in a position in my life to answer certain question on the Dom/Sub lifestyle. Most don't as it very private in many peoples life's. 

How did you get into the whole Dom/Sub lifestyle?

I first came into the lifestyle when I was just 16 years old. I was in a very dark place. I meet my Domme and she turned my life around.  I was her sub for over 6 years.  She passed away. I took a step back for a while then came back as Dom. My last year with her I was a Dom and a sub.  This is rare, at the time it worked for all parties. 
Karen is not just my girl friend but also my sub. Most of the time we have an every day life but when I switch to being a Dom that's when I change.  My desire is to bring out what I see inside Karen.  Most people think that being a Dom is all about sex.  It's not... It seeing what inside and bring the beauty out. I see so much in Karen, so much love and passion. Confidence and so much more.  She looks at herself and say "fuck !!!!!"  I see her and I'm in awe.
Are you a Dom in just your sexual life or all areas of your life?
My Dom side does come out in my work sometimes.  

What drives your desire to be dominate?
There are many kinds of Dom.  (50 shades didn't explain that in the books.).  I'm known as a caring Dom.

Do you have a play room or chest of toys?
We don't have a play room.  Jezzzz.  What a load of bollocks.  Play room!!!!  Please.  90% of Doms are men in long term relationships. Married or not.  Another 50 shades myth. 

What is your favourite toy?
I use a riding crop, whips and ties. 


Do you ever share your submissive?

I have never shared my subs. Karen is mine and mine alone. However I do enjoy men looking at her when we go out. I have a huge sense of pride. 

What made you become a Dom after 
being a Sub?
I became a full time Dom after my Domme
 let me go.   

Do you ever run in to past Subs/Doms and how are the interactions of there are any?

I chat to subs but not to my old subs. With their commitments I step aside.Boyfriends. Husbands. As I mentioned before I'm respectful. 

Has there been anything that you regretted doing as a sub or to a sub ?

I have no regrets from my time as a sub. Male subs are treated so different to female subs. The discipline is the same.  But the factors vary a great deal.  For me a genuine Dom must know what it feels from a subs point of view. My Domme introduced me to such in the 
lifestyle - so no regrets.

Do you enjoy it for the control you get or is it about the pain/pleasure?
 Enjoyment.  Let's just say I enjoy the tease. 
And we go with the flow.

How do you feel about the BDSM lifestyle being portrayed after fifty shades of grey?

50 shades opened the door to the lifestyle.

Do you do master/slave or Dom/Sub?
I don't agree with the Dom / slave relation. 
Not for me. For me it's a lifestyle that I can change and switch. My Domme taught me well, 
to switch my emotions on and off. 

Are you married or do you have a partner and are they into the Dom/Sub scene as well?

At this moment Karen is still very new to the lifestyle. She asked me if I would take her as my sub. I refused as she wasn't ready. She is now and wants to learn. Being in long term relationship helps but for most couples it's hard. The husband has fears that he hurt his wife. And so on. As I mentioned before I'm now in a place in my life where I can assist other couples. They ask, I answer  the decision is theirs. 

How do your family feel about your lifestyle?

My family know of my lifestyle as does my work

Do you have anything else you would like to tell your readers?

My stories in my books are mainly based on my experiences so if you decide to buy, enjoy.  And always remember.  A perfect Dom/Sub relation is always built on trust. Without that forget it.

 Special thanks to 

Maci Dillon, Susan Mckinley, Tina Ludvigson, Ava Manello, Jamie Bunchanan, Victoria Brock, Keira Garbett and Bev powell. 
For helping with the questions.


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