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Review -Soul kiss

SOUL KISS-by RJ Thompson 

This book is not my typical read, but I thought I'd give it a chance anyway and stepped out of my comfort  zone. 

This story was based around  Greek gods mixed with 20th century.  I have never read anything like this before or heard of anything like it in the indie world. So there is definitely a spot out there for this book.

Although it wasn’t  my normal type of book I did enjoy it , but it felt a little slow to me at the start. But that could just be me not the book as it's a new genre. The lead characters  had a spark although they do have their ups and downs . There are plenty of twists along the way and not everything  is plane sailing  with them. One thing that sticks in my head from reading this book if you meet your soul mate and your men't to  be then you will find one another whether is weeks, months or years apart you will  always  come back to one another. 

You should give this book a chance  it may just surprise  you like it did me.

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