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Author Interview

Hi Jacob, how would you describe yourself?


Do you have any bad habits?

  Who doesn’t?

What are your best qualities?

 My work ethic and sense of humor.

What is your favourite car?

Mustang GT Cobra

Do you have any body piercings and tattoos?

 No piercings, I have 9 tattoos.

What are your ambitions for your
 writing career?

 Keep publishing and branch out to
 other genres.

Which writers inspire you?

Lee Child and David Baldacci

Can you give us an insight into your main character of your latest book. What does he/she do that is so special about them?

Kyle is a private investigator who’s dealt with a lot of
 tragedy in his past.

Out of all of your books published and unpublished 
which one is your favourite?

Quake is the only book I’ve published.

Who is your favourite character from all of your books?


What are you are you working on at the moment?

Quiver, the follow up to Quake.

What genre will your book be?

Erotic Romantic Suspense

What draws you to this genre?

 I like writing darker characters and I like the element of suspense when I read books.

Which one of your male characters is your favourite out of all the characters in your books published or unpublished ?


Which one of your female characters is your favourite out 
of all the characters in your books published or unpublished ?


What has been the best reaction to one of your books 
that you've had from a reader?

 I’ve had people tell me they weren’t able to read another 
book after they finished Quake, that they kept thinking
 about it. That’s really cool.

Would you ever do a crossover book with characters
 from different books of yours published or books 
you are currently working on?


When did you decide you wanted to
 be a writer?

I’ve written since I was a kid.

How much of your books are realistic?

I think everything in mine is realistic, but it’s fiction.

Would you consider writing with 
another author?

 Yes, my brother Logan and I are planning
 a book.

Are your story's a old ones you have saved
 or a new ones?

 New ones

Do you write full-time 
or part -time ?

Part time

Do you aim for a certain word count per 
chapter/ book?


Where do your idea's come from?

My mind is full of them.

What is the hardest and easiest part about 
writing your book?

 Finding the time is the

Do you read much and if so who are 
your favourite authors?

Lee Child, Michael Connelly and David Baldacci

What are you reading at the moment?

No time to read.

Who designed the covers?

 Jessica Hildreth


How do you relax?

I workout, I write, I listen to music

What is your favourite quote?

Characterize people by their actions and you will 
never be fooled by their words.

What advice would you give to
 aspiring authors.?


Are there certain type of scene that is harder
 to write than others?

 Janny’s pov, I had a great content editor who helped
 me with her chapters.

What did you do before becoming 
an author?

 I work in law enforcement

Why do you think sex sells in books?

 It depends on the book.

Are you superstitious?


What is it that you enjoy about
 writing erotica?

All of it

Do you have anything else you would like 
to tell your readers?

Thank you for reading
 Quake. Quiver is releasing in September.

Make sure you check out Jacob's debut book Quake on amazon today, the follow up to it. Quiver is released in September.

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  1. Great interview My favorite read this year can't wait for more Kyle