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The Musical
Live at the Red House
Merthyr Tydfil,South Wales UK.

My Review

Tonight  was the first time for me to see a musical at the Red house in Merthyr Tydfil. Both myself and my Daughter loved it.

The show was brilliantly choreographed and all the cast looked absolutely amazing in their costumes. It was so unbelievably funny, I had tears from laughing so much. The entire audience was dancing and singing in their seats along with the songs. The show wasn’t  how I expected it to be it was even better, it was full of fun and energetic. All of cast were simply amazing but for me there were two stand out performances . Ricky Lewis as Danny Zuko  and Sam Spragg as Frenchy.

Ricky is the guy that played Danny Zuko and by his performance you could tell he’d done his research for the part. He had all the little mannerisms that John Travolta had in the film. For diehard fans that was brilliant to watch.

Sam played the part of Frenchy amazingly well and was so funny! That laugh OMG, that laugh…It makes me giggle just thinking about it. I personally think she could give Didi Conn who played the original character in the movie a run for her money. Like Ricky I think she must have done a lot of research into the character too.

The tickets for this show sold out for all three days, and it's no wonder why.  Congratulations to all the cast and crew on stage and behind the scenes.

What made it even more special was when the audience  left the theatre and the whole cast were all by the exit thanking us for coming to see the show.

Please check out the photos below 
from Grease .

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