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Little Shop Of Horrors

Little Shop Of Horrors is a horror comedy rock musical by composer Alan Menken and writer  Howard Ashman, about a hopeless florist  shop worker who raises a plant that feeds on human blood and flesh. The musical is based on the low-budget 1960 black comedy film The Little shop of horrors. 


This was the second time for myself to see a play in the Red House I previously seen Grease with my daughter in 2016 . I had never seen the Little shop of horrors play before anywhere else so this was another new one for me.  I of course had seen the film many times before so I kind of knew the songs already so I wasn't going in totally blind.

The show did not disappoint, the sets were brillant and tbe cast were amazing. The acting talent within the show was simply phenomenal, we have so much talent in the local area, it's outstanding. The show was really funny and you couldn't help but sing along to the classic songs.  The whole cast were amazing but for me there was two stand out perfomers. Jac Ellis as Seymour and Ashley McGill as Orin Schrivello (The Denist).
Jac Ellis as Seymour was incredible, the voice and the acting skills on this boy for such a young guy is crazy. He has a bright future on the stage ahead of him. He also made me jump out of my seat with the plant, I swear i thought  the plant was going to land on my lap Lol.

The other stand out performance was Ashley McGill as Oriin Schrivello, OH MY FREAKING GOD !! From the moment he walked on the stage he had the whole room roaring with laughter. He owned it he belongs on stage. Ashley had me in tears from laughing so much, he should have his own comedy sketch show. 

Well done to the whole cast and crew on stage and behind the scenes. The show was absolutely brilliant and you did Merthyr proud, so much talent on the stage tonight. Really hope to see more of you in future plays at the Red house.


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Cover reveal- Playing to win

Title: Playing to Win
Series: A Beautiful Game #2
Author: Karen Frances
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Cover Design: Kari March Designs
Release Date: March 28, 2017


Fletcher Adams, international football star, finally seems to have made the changes in his life that he desperately needed. The past is firmly behind him, where it belongs. He’s settled back in Scotland and enjoying his football career more than ever. Now, he’s focused on Playing to Win, and not just any end of season trophy. No, the trophy he wants more than anything is Jessica.

Jessica Taylor, once again, has to rebuild her life after her ex-boyfriend attacked her, and deal with the aftermath of his death. Her focus is on regaining her strength and determination, and with help and support from Fletcher, she’s certain to find light at the end of a dark tunnel.

Not everything goes to plan for the young couple, and it’s not long before Jessica thinks it’s a bad idea to make plans for the future. After all, the last plans she had for her life were cruelly snatched away. Fletcher has to prove to Jessica that he has changed from his wild days as a player off the field. Is love going to be enough to keep them together, or will they allow the past to come between them? 


Author Interview
Alice La Roux

Hi , can you tell us a little about yourself and your work? 

So my name is Alice, I’m 24 and a newbie writer. I live in South Wales with my husband and my little Jack Russell where I work in a boring retail job by night and write in the day.

Why did you choose to write in your particular field or genre? If you write more than one, how do you balance them? 

I’m a newbie, like I already said so I don’t have a set genre yet. My short story that published at the end of February is erotica with BDSM elements but the short ‘Lie To Me’, which features in the Tales from Wales anthology is fantasy/supernatural. I also have a steampunk YA novel dedicated to my niece in the works.

What was one of the most surprising things you learned
 in creating your books? 

The Indie community constantly surprises me, I learned that people are willing to believe in you even when you don’t believe in yourself and that keeps me going some days because no one tells you how hard, demanding and draining it is to pour parts of your soul out onto a page.

What is the first book that made you cry? 

Harry Potter – I am a huge Potterhead, with a deathly hallows tattoo to prove it. In the Order of the Phoenix when Sirius Black falls through the veil I couldn’t believe it. I kept re-reading the section over and over because I wanted it to somehow magically change. I needed Harry to have a happy home and when Sirius died I cried.

What are common traps for aspiring writers?

I think a common trap is thinking that it’s going to be easy. That you’ll just magic up 50,000 words, a huge fan following and be a bestseller on Amazon but it’s not that simple. It’s endless promoting, take overs, offers, giveaways, signings, interaction and sometimes it’s hard and you feel like your head is going to pop off!

What has your experience been like as a indie author? 
Bruises, highlights, lessons.

I haven’t really had a huge amount of experience as a writer yet, but I love the Indie community. There is always someone available to give advice, help, read through or just sometimes make you laugh.

Does a big ego help or hurt writers?

I don’t know, a lot of authors I know seem to suffer from the same self-doubt issues that I do and I haven’t really met one with a big ego yet so I can’t tell you.

What is your writing Kryptonite? 

I tend to overuse pronouns, and sometimes my phrasing is clunky. In a recent writing project I realised I was over using the phrase ‘That man would be the death of me.’ So I’d say that my writing kryptonite is repetition.

If you could tell your younger writing self anything, 
what would it be? 

Keep all your notebooks and all those scraps of paper that you leave behind everywhere. Keep them and put them somewhere safe, and don’t listen to that girl who said your writing was rubbish when you were 14. She’s a dick.

If you could spend the day with a character from one of your books who would it be and what would you? 

Urm…… I’d spend a day getting inked up with Zeke.
 Inked up and naked.

What was the best money you ever spent as a writer? 

I haven’t really spent anything yet, a friend did my formatting, another friend designed my cover, and another edited for me – like I said the Indie community is amazing. I can’t wait to order postcards of Skin Deep though, I think they’ll be gorgeous and glossy.

How many unpublished and half-finished books do you have?

Too many to think about! I’m hoping to get three of them finished this year at least and two short stories are also going to be expanded in novellas.

What’s the most difficult thing about writing 
characters from the opposite sex? 

I don’t really find it that difficult; I actually prefer writing from the male perspective! My husband sometimes jokes that I should have been born a guy because I have a filthy mouth and an even dirtier mind.

What period of your life do you find you write about most often? (child, teenager, young adult) 

Young adults, but I have a few YA books planned so 
that should be interesting.

How do you select the names of your characters?

I’m a name whore, I love unusual and beautiful names and I wish I could use them all when I eventually have kids but I can’t and so I use them in my books. Some of my names are Avalon, Zeke (Ezekiel), Tessa, Aoife, Kerrigan, Nimue and Seraphina. I think part of writing romance and erotica is that unrealistic element, so why not have unusual names?

Do you read your book reviews? How do you deal 
with bad or good ones? 

I only self-published the other week so this is the first time for me – but oh my god yes! I hit refresh waiting for new ones, I’m like a review addict and then I almost cry at the good ones! My lowest rating so far is a 4* one so I haven’t had to deal with any bad ones yet.

Do you hide any secrets in your books that only a
 few people will find? 

There aren’t secrets as such but there are recurring characters. In Lie to Me we meet Aoife, and the second book will be about her. In Skin Deep we meet Avalon and Zeke but the second short, Surrender, will be about Avalon and how she got into BDSM so there will be a new face.

Do you Google yourself? 

Sometimes, I think it’s hard not to in a society 
that’s so media driven.

What is your favorite childhood book? 

Mallory Towers, I wanted to go to boarding school and have midnight feasts.

Does your family support your career as a writer? 

My husband proof reads for me, he gives me advice and he’ll tell me if he doesn’t like something. I’m extremely lucky to have him. My dad is my biggest supporter after my wonderful husband and my sister is tied with him. They both keep telling me to go for it, and that I should believe in myself more.

If you had to do something differently as a child or teenager to become a better writer as an adult, what would you do? 

I would have gone for it. I would have shared my work more, had more confidence and I would have taken creative writing at university.

How long on average does it take you to write a book? 

Hahhahahhahahhaaaa…….I still haven’t finished a full length one so I can’t really answer this one yet.

Do you believe in writer’s block?  

Yes, I get it when I start to feel stifled and I overthink every little thing. I start to panic and I go into this state of denial where the words don’t come. The best way to deal with it in my case is to go away, have a cup of tea and write something else, anything else. Eventually my brain will give me a scene or a description that would work brilliantly in my current WIP.

Model Interview With Chloe Ann

Model Interview 
Model Chloe Ann

Hi Chloe can you tell us a little about yourself?

Well im nearly 28, I work full time in a office doing call center work. I have a boyfriend whom I love with all my heart and just live life to the max

What is the worst job you have ever done?

I did one day door knocking for a solar company and it was like 45 degree heat so yeah I didn't go back.

What do you do like to do in your spare time when 
you are not working?

I like to play Play Station, hang out with friends and
 spend time with my Boyfriend.

Do you have any strange or weird habits?

ummmm that's a hard one, I do like to put vegemite in my mash potato.

What are you like in the kitchen?

I love to cook. I always try new things.

What is the most romantic thing your partner 
has done for you ?

Our relationship is fairly new (3 months) but every day he tells me how lucky he is to have me in his life and how beautiful I am in every way.

What is your favourite movie?

I have a few, The Hot Chick, Mean girls, Step Brothers. Just naming a few

Most women have weaknesses like a book obsessions,
what is your weakness?

My weakness is I have a tattoo obsession

Do you have any limitations when modeling?

I won't do nude.

What do you do to keep fit?

In all honesty I don't work out or anything.

How would you describe your personality?

Out going, Loud, Full on, Bubbly, Full of life.

Who is your inspiration?

My mum is a massive inspiration to me. And also Tess Holiday. When I saw her and how she doesn't care what people think about her I thought "Why not, I'll try that!"

I personally think you are a inspiration to women being a plus size model and think there should be more like you. What would you say to your fans who see you as a inspiration for them?

Don't ever think that because you don't look like Kendall Jenner that you can't do modeling, Curvy is the new Thin and you all should own it!

Have you always wanted to be a model?

No, When I was younger I had no idea 
what I wanted to do.

What happened that introduced you to modelling?

So many family and friends always told me I should try it. So I eventually thought why not and just got into some photography pages on Facebook and went from there.

Are there any misconceptions that people have 
about modeling that is not true?

It's not Easy. But it is so much fun and love doing them.

Do you have any rituals?

None at all. I'm not a girly girl at all.

What has been your best experience
 so far?

Working with Clair Jones with my last photoshoot. We had so much fun and i loved all the people involved

What do your family and friends think about you modeling?

They think i am an inspiration to them all.

Do you have goals, Plans, checklist?

In life, I want to have kids and get married and just live and full life and try do as much modelling as possible, I would love to get published.

Do you enjoy the shoots and whats been
 your favorite one? 

My last photoshoot was my favorite one by far!

Do you have a stylist when you do a photo-shoot and if you didn't like anything would you tell them?

I don't have a specific stylist, but yeah, if I ever came across something I didn't like I'd tell them.

Do you get to meet lots of authors?

Nah, I never met any personally.

If you could be on a cover of any author's book. 
Who would they choose?

Just to be on any would be amazing in itself!

Where have you traveled a lot to?

Queensland, to see my family.

Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years?

I would love it if my boyfriend and I had maybe 1 or 2 mini us' around and maybe a engagement. And of course trying to make a modelling career for myself

Please go check out Chloe's page on Facebook- Plus sized model Chloe.