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FORBIDDEN NIGHTS 11th March 2016 At Merthyr Leisure center




Billy (Billy blue eyes) Age 27
Joe (Joey) Age 25
Lewis (Chad Codfather /Robocod) Age 26
Ollie (Big man) Age ?
Ash (Ozzie) Age 25
Lewis W (Papa bear) Age 26
Lex (Mr Milkshake) Age 28
Ricardo (Rico) Age 21
Reece aka Ross 20

Forbidden Nights are one of the best Male variety shows
 in Europe. They burst onto the scene on Britain's Got Talent
 in 2015. Ever since, they have been going from strength to strength with their residency show every Saturday at The Clapham Grand Theatre in London. They are getting bigger 
and bigger, amassing quite a following. As well as their residency gig they are currently touring throughout the UK. Their fan base is massive and they have had a whopping 30,266,256 views on YouTube, which is the clip of them when they performed on Britain's Got Talent. They have over 3,500 followers on twitter
 as well as 70,000 likes on Facebook.


The Boys Tour Bus
After seeing a photo on the Forbidden Nights Facebook page of Billy posing while changing a Tyre on the bus earlier on in the day, I suggested to my friend we go and look for the bus. Which we did and ended up taking a few pictures, I know some might say it's just a bus. Well yeah it was just a bus but we found it, I was expecting a big tour bus to be out the front of the leisure center but they had parked it at the back. Think it was safe to say we were just a little excited that they were there already.


The show

The opening set was unbelievably hot as hell, the lads were all 
in sync with each other. The music was sexy and the boys had
 the moves the back it up!

Check out my pics from the first routine...

** I do have videos at the moment, the blog is being a right pain in the ass and won't let me load them. However, if we’re friends on Facebook, you’ll see my videos on there.**

My thoughts about the show…

Show started at 8pm.

When we arrived [Keira and I] we were shown to our 
seats by the usher. We were in luck. We had booked V.I.P seats so you know 
what that means: Front Row Seats and a Bottle of Bubbly waiting for us at our table.


Imagine the stage -  we were right by the speakers. 
What an awesome view!

The staff we helpful, polite, and really 
friendly towards us.


Lewis was the MC for the night. 
I don't think he was entirely under the best comprehension 
of ‘Welsh Women!’ LOL We’re renown for 
our libidinousness so-to-speak!

He was amazing and so funny. I nearly choked on my drink
 from laughing so hard. His interaction with the audience was full-bodied. At one point he asked all the women what was 
the sexiest accent, Scottish, Irish and American and so on. 
Most women said the English – Personally Posh English
 or ‘Posh Tosh’ as I say LOL

Australian accents are quite similar to the Rich
 English accents. They do it for me also.

I can honestly say Lewis captivated the audience 
with his charm and his magnetism. Plus, he looked 
like 007 in and out of his suit.

He bewitched the women and he kept us entertained 
throughout the night. I am surprised he wasn't eaten alive
 with all the hungry lasses loose that night :D

** Pictures below of the sexy Lewis Winyard seducing
 the audience with his sexy dance moves **

 These lads rocked it up on stage.Here are some photo's from the guys routines.
What a sandwich this is ;-)


Billy is the tiger of the group. Fierce, fearless, he dangled
 from the metal frame by a leather strap then performed 
some incredible chain routines. His upper body 
strength is just phenomenal. 
His muscle core, and technique are just beyond amazing. 
He looks like a total rocker and you just want to squeeze
 his ass in those tight leather trousers.

Also an added bonus ;)
 He totally looks like Michael (Maxwell Caulfield) 
from Grease 2. ~Massive Crush~


Reese, is a great Michael Jackson dance 
routine impersonator. He has MJ moves down to a T!
Reese was bloody awesome! It takes someone with damn good talent to replicate the king of pop.He just..."Nailed it" LOL
Reese, choreographed all of the boys routines, don't think there
 is anything that this guy can't do.


**This one is a little blurry**

Lex is the king of the ring!
How he stays inside the ring was beyond incredible - the skills and stamina were freaking awesome! 
He is the ultimate bad boy – Between the leather and his hot arm tattoos – I’m spent! Lol *Fans self off* 


Lewis has an amazing rock voice as well as killer dance
 moves; he owned that stage. He is sounds like a young Bon Jovi /Bryan Adams when he sings with the husky rock tone. 
When he started singing Michael Jackson's 'Dirty Diana', my arms were instantly covered in goose bumps. He should definitely sing more in the show and let everyone see his talents. Lewis you rocked it!!  

This was the routine I literally got soaked. The boys did 
a routine like they were in an exercise class where they took their tops off and poured water bottles all over themselves.
 They purposely sprayed the audience; it was awesome! And of course lucky me got wet. Even caught it on film!
The MC made good on his promise when he said the boys 
would make us ladies wet LOL. 

It was like watching them on a hot summers day.
 That room was certainly scorching.

This was the GI Joe routine. These boys worked their asses off. They did workouts from a metal frame a few feet in the air. 
They got some balls to be hanging from up there doing pull ups I can tell you. No wonder they look like they could give WWE 'THE ROCK' a run for his money.

Ozzie looks like action man in this photo

Ozzie. Firstly,"Holy Fuck!" Not only is this guy cheeky and could charm the knickers off a virgin, he has this sexy glint in his eye when he looks your way. Its with fire!
Ozzie, is dangerous as he is delicious, seriously bad for your health LOL . His fire routine was astonishing. When he held fire over his head, both sides of the pole alight, bloody nora is he ballsy, only wearing what could only be described as a Tarzan skirt. Well he is the king of the jungle! Heehee

Sexy Cowboys

Can you tell which one caught a little sun on his ass LOL, that is Ozzie ;-)


Joey, is just amazing. He's fast like lighting! Just freaking brilliant. Unbelievably toned. His presence on the stage is memorable.


Rico is one of the dance crew. He has some awesome 
moves himself, and he's really athletic with all the
 body flips he does.

Ollie. Ollie,Ollie, Ollie. Oh my god!
When he came on stage I think all the women in the room 
were stunned. You would have needed to go around with a mop to clean the drool off the floor, a helping hand to lift their jaws 
up to meet their face, and a defib to restart their hearts; 
this guy was an immortal God.
He was simply electrifying on the stage, with the killer moves. How the freaking hell he held his whole body up 
stretched out from a stripper pole is amazing? He's not exactly
 a small guy LOL . All muscle like WWE John Cena, 
and damn he can move that ass.

Not only does he look the spit of the gorgeous Channing Tatum, by god does he have his mannerisms too. The way he moves,
 his facial expressions. I swear he does exactly the same as Channing in all his films, and in person during interviews. 
So cheeky and sweet. And he's got a sexy tribal tattoo 
just over his left breast.


This was the routine they performed on 
Britain's Got Talent in 2015.

These guys are just simply amazing, they do two hours straight of dancing with a fifteen minute break. Then they DE-rigged the stage by themselves, you don't get many guys like these lads. We stayed for thirty minutes after the show to just chatting and watched them.

Ollie is like Captain America and GI Joe up there using his upper body strength. 
All I could think was bloody hell!!

Pictures with Forbidden Nights
Ellis Kendry with Ollie, Lewis, Joe
Ozzie and Billy.

Sarah Jones with Reese

Ollie, Keira, Lewis, Me, Joe, Ozzie and Billy
When we stood next to these guys to have our picture taken with them, you could feel the heat radiated off them. The only way I could describe it, was like standing next to a radiator on full blast. These lads definitely needed a cold shower to cool down , that and cold beer. 

Me and Keira


Final thoughts

These boys have come full circle;did you know that they went on Britain's Got Talent last year. Ever since they have been non-stop touring up and down the country, they're hard working men. Friday 11th March at Merthyr Tydfil Leisure center was one of the best nights I've been to in a long time.These guys were just out of this world amazing. Everyone from the guys, to the dance crew to the MC were amazing. The solo routines all had the electric spark, that made them stand out in there own right . When all the Lads were on the stage together you could feel the chemistry and bond they had with each other #brolove. You could see from the way they moved and how playful they were together. They made the show the best they possibly could. You could tell they had been friends for a long time which was reflected in their performances. I absolutely loved watching Forbidden Nights and I would love to see them again in 2017.

 If you see a poster advertising these boys performing at a location near you, then I highly recommend you go check them out. This is one show you DO NOT want to miss. 
It's steamy, sultry, smooth seductive and sexy as hell.


Here are just a few quotes from friends that were there and some I have shown a few of 
the videos to.

"They're more in time than the 
Dreamboys were!"

"OMG so hot"

"Ah crap!!! I want their names... want to be friends 
with them especially the front man ;-) "

"OMG so jealous!!"

"Evil. Why does Ipswich not have this?! Also by making me watch that video you made my toast burn. Evil."

"OMG they am hot I want to go
and see them"

"The video looked hot saucy and fun. A great mix 
of dancing, stripping and acrobatics to keep 
you hooked. Great fun for all"

"Steamy McSheamies!! 
Ooo Mamma Likes!!! "


Firstly, I just want to give a shout out to a few ladies who are friends of mine. Ellis Kendry, Kerys Williams, Keira Garbett and Sarah Jones for giving me their permission to use photos they took on Friday night. Without them and my 90+ photo's this post would not of been possible. Some of the pictures came out good and some rather blurry.

 A Special thank you goes to Sarah for taking the photo of myself and Keira with the guys in FORBIDDEN NIGHTS. 
My phone literally died just as we were having a group photo with them. Because I took so many videos and photos of the guys. Sarah you made two ladies very happy with that one picture in particular ;-)

I also want to say a massive thank you to Forbidden Nights for letting me use a few of their photos. 

Also to Natalie at HQ of Forbidden Nights  for answering my questions.

My name is Louise and this is my Blog. I hope you've enjoyed reading my post about the Forbidden Nights show.

 Remember to check out these guys when they come to a town near you. You will regret it if you don't. They also have a page on Facebook so pop on over and give them a like, and follow then on Twitter +Forbidden Nights 

Thank you for checking out my blog post, if you like this post then please checkout my other posts.


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