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Highlights of 2016

As this year comes to a close and before we start 2017, I wanted to reflect on my highlights of 2016. On the 11th March I got to see Forbidden Nights they are one of the best male variety shows in Europe. They burst onto the scene on Britain's got Talent 2015. The boys currently have a residency show at the Clapham Grand Theatre in London as well as touring throughout the UK.

The show was bloody brilliant, the music was sexy the routines were hot and these boys had the moves to back it up, and so in sync with each other. During one of the group performances I got rather wet because we were sat down the front from the water bottles they sprayed the audience with. If you have the chance then you need to see these guys in person, there has been a few changes to the original line up. But watching these guys is highly recommended you will be missing out if you don't.

On Saturday 7th May my local Theatre in the Red house in Merthyr Tydfil put Grease The Musical on. I decided when I saw the tickets go on sale that I would get them for my daughter for Easter instead of chocolate. The all welsh cast were simply amazing, the show was brilliantly choreographed and they looked freaking amazing in all the costumes. Both myself and my daughter loved the musical, it was full of fun and energetic performances totally not what I expected as a long time fan of the original movie. I know that I have said this before but Ricky Lewis as Danny and Samantha Spragg as Frenchy were the two stand out performances of the night. Ricky had all of Danny Zuko's mannerisms down to the T and it was like watching the original Danny. John Travolta up there on stage. Samantha as Frenchy, holy freaking hell that girl was so bloody funny, every scene I had tears from laughing so much. She made the lines her own and she put her own stamp on frenchy.
 The whole cast were amazing as soon as the show finished my daughter asked when can we go again because she loved it and i have to agree with her, I'd definitely go again if they do it again.

On the 27th August my debut book which I originally published in December 2014 under went a major overhall. It was re edited given a new cover as well as a new title which seemed more fitting with the story. I'll let you all in on a little secret, Ryder James or as it is now titled Starstruck was the result of a reoccurring dream 
I had about meeting my actor crush. Only a handful of people know who  and that is a secret I won't tel LOL. So here are the two covers original and new as well as a few teasers to tantalize your taste buds.

On the 3rd November I finally hit publish on Unconditional, I had been pushing it back since I first published Ryder James(Starstruck) 2014. It was the one book I was most nervous about releasing, I was worried what people would think because of the subject matter that was in the book. I'm not stupid I know that it won't be everyone's cup of tea and there will be some haters. I spoke to a few people and after talking to two wise ladies one from West Sussex and Lisburn and they finally convinced me to let go of my doubts . So I hit that button on amazon. Below is the cover that I made along with some of my teasers I done as well. If the teasers tickle your fancy then check out the book on amazon.

Finally my last but one highlight of 2016 is writing a short story for the Tales from Wales Anthology with loads of amazing welsh authors from around Wales, all in aid of a cancer charity. My entry for the anthology is a erotic short story where wildest fantasies become a reality. Have I got you curious? well you need to one click to find out more.


My final highlight is meeting so many new friends and authors, some not so far and some only a text message away. Thank you and see you all in 2017.


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