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Author interview

Author Interview
Jasinda Wilder

What do your family think about you writing and have they read any of your work?

Most of my family has read at least some of my work and they all support me and my career as an author.

You have a large back catalogue of books you have written, which ones would you say is a fan favourite with your readers?

Perennial fan favorites are Alpha, Falling into You, and Wounded. 

Your BIG GIRLS DO IT and ROCKSTARS DO IT were the first books I ever read of yours. How did you come up with the idea for the series?

I wrote what I wanted to read—characters I identified with, in a plot that appealed to me and which i could relate to.

Both you and your husband are authors do you get competitive?

No, never! We work together cooperatively on everything.

which one of your books was your favorite to write?

I really loved writing The One series— The Long Way Home, Where the Heart Is, and There’s No Place Like Home. They were challenging and fun and refreshing to write.

If you could pick one of your books to be made into a movie which one would you choose  and why?

Falling Into You. I see it as a movie already, and have actually written part of a screenplay adaption myself for it, just for fun. Alpha could also make a really exciting movie. 

Have you ever binned a book when half way through thinking it wasn't good enough?

Hmmm. I haven’t ever given up on a book halfway through, as I never start writing a story until I have it figured out to the point that I know it will be a good book. But, I always suffer halfway done doubts: about the middle of every writing process I go through a period of doubt, where I wonder if I’ll have enough to say and if I REALLY know where the story is going and if it will be any good. But I push through and believe in myself and trust the process, and always end up with a story I love.

What can readers expect next from you?

April 12, 2019 marks the publication of PREGNANT IN PENNSYLVANIA, the first book in a brand new series: FIFTY STATES OF LOVE, a 50-book series with each book set in a different state in the US.

Do you have any advice for other writers?

 I received when I was first starting out: the best and really only truly necessary marketing you’ll ever need to do is to write the next book.

Your latest book SCREWED (DAD BOD) was released on 7th March, can you tell us a little about the book?

Oh my, SCREWED. That was such a joy to write. I had been setting up the series in anticipation of that book from the very start. James was the first character in that series i came up with, and in a way, the other 3 books were all set up so I could write his story. James and Nova will always hold a very special place in my heart—along with Valentine and Kyrie from ALPHA, and Colt and Nell from FALLING INTO YOU.

Thank you to the lovely Jasinda Wilder for doing this interview. Be sure to check out her books on amazon today.,Jasinda has loads of books available.

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