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Jenn sterling


Hi jenn how are you ?Tell us a little about yourself?

Uh, my name is Jenn- and I am from southern California (born & raised) and I love it more than anything. okay, not anything- but I love it a lot. lol  I don't believe in sleeves and I don't own any jackets. lol

Are the stories old ones you have saved on you computer or new?

Everything I write is a new piece of work- although I have various parts of books that I've been writing for the last 4 years on my computer that I hope to get to when the timing is right.

When and why did you begin writing?

I got fired from my job in 2010 and the first thing I did was buy a laptop and start writing the book that had been in my head for the last 10 years (in dreams).....  that's how it all started!

When did you first consider yourself a writer?

For a long time, I couldn't call myself a writer, or an author, or anything that was an official title like that- because I didn't feel like one because I never felt successful enough. I think it was after I release The Perfect Game that I finally got comfortable shouting to the world "I AM A WRITER! AN AUTHOR!"  and was okay with it without feeling like a fraud. you know?  lol


What inspired you to write your first book?

A dream I had that I NEVER forgot, or quite got over... and my very close friend Tray. It's a combination of fiction mixed with a hell of a lot of real life feelings and emotions.  I have a soft spot for that story (in dreams).

Who was the easiest character to write for and why and  hardest and why?

Easiest? A lot of the girls are the easiest for me because they stem from my personality-  the hardest so far has been Paige though- she's the least like me in real life, so everything about her was a challenge to write- she goes against everything my personal instincts would tell me to do.

What was your favorite  book as a child?

It's possible that my favorite book was Tager Tales- something my mom read to me often.

How much of the book is realistic?

Every one of my books has pieces of my reality and real life in them. And I honestly try to write things that might really happen to someone in real life- I like to think that I write realistic romantic fiction.  At least, that's what I hope to write.  things you can relate to. :)

What book are you reading now?

Nothing at the moment, but my favorite reads of the year so far have been Fisher's Light by Tara Sivec, The Pact by Karina Halle and Kaleidoscope Hearts by Claire Contreras. And my kindle is fullllllll and needs some of my attention.  :)

Are there any new authors that have grasped your interest?

Hard to say- sometimes writers aren't new, but they're new to me- you know? 

What are your current projects?

I have the 2nd book in the Celebrity Series releasing at the end of June (June 29th). It's a really sweet and fun book- like all of my Celebrity books have been. Aside from that, I'm working on the last book in the series, as well as a couple other stand alones.  It's a hodge podge of goodies right now! 

Jenn you have written  loads of books, out of them which one would you say is a favourite  of your readers?

THE PERFECT GAME!  hands down. no one competes with Jack F'n Carter!  <3

And which one is your favourite  book you have written?

In dreams holds a very special place in my heart since it was SUCH a personal story and started me on this whole crazy journey, but The Perfect Game changed my world and made this a career for me and I am eternally grateful for that.  So I guess it's a 2 way tie. 

Who is your favourite character  out of all the brilliant  ones you have brought to life in your books?

Jack. My readers can't get past him, and I can't either.

Can you share a little of your current work with us?  

getting excited for Book #2 in The Celebrity Series?  Breaking Stars comes out on June 29th... Still a little bit away, but I wanted to share some of the beginning of the book with you.  I hope you enjoy it!  :)

When a text message pinged on my phone, I clicked on the link included without thinking. I didn’t bother reading the contents of the text or the link description; knowing it was from my best friend, Quinn, was enough of a reason to absentmindedly click for me. Usually she sent me links to things she thought I should see that involved our friends, coworkers, or her boyfriend. This link, however, had nothing to do with any of her usual subjects, and when I realized that, my heart stopped.

The video appeared grainy at first as the cell phone camera adjusted to the strobe lighting in the club. My boyfriend, Colin, suddenly appeared in the frame, a smile plastered on his face as his eyes focused on someone or something not in the picture. He raised a hand, waving someone over toward him, his grin growing more mischievous.

My brain screamed at me to stop watching. Something inside begged me to look away, turn it off, throw my smart phone across the room, but I couldn’t. It was obviously bad enough for Quinn to send to me, so I had to keep watching.

No matter how much it was going to hurt.

An overly busty blonde sauntered into view, showing more skin than clothes, dancing seductively as she made her way toward my boyfriend. He reached for her waist and pulled her onto his lap. She straddled him, her legs wrapping around his very private area in very plain sight.

Who does that?

The blonde’s skirt rode up, revealing her bare ass, and Colin’s hands were suddenly there, squeezing it, slapping it, lifting her skirt higher. As she leaned her head toward his face, I honestly thought for a second he’d come to his senses. Maybe he wouldn’t kiss her. Maybe he’d toss her off his lap, tell her to go to hell, and rush out of the club, humiliated. Then again, that type of thing only happened in the books I read and the movies I starred in. Most guys weren’t anywhere near as well-behaved as we women wanted them to be.

As if reading my mind, Colin fisted a handful of her hair, and I watched as he yanked her head back, causing the rest of her hair to spill provocatively behind her. His lips pressed against her neck as he licked his way up to her mouth. She laughed, and then he kissed her. It was a mess of tongues and body parts grinding, with hands roaming in places hands shouldn’t be roaming in public.

I’d seen more than enough, so I stopped the video and tried to remind myself how to breathe, my heart pounding as if I were on a treadmill. If anything came after that spectacle—no pun intended—I didn’t need to see it.

Pushing off from the couch, I walked to my window and glanced down toward the street, noticing the swarm of paparazzi already beginning to form.

They’re quick.

This wasn’t the first time claims of infidelity like this had been leveled against my pop-star boyfriend, Colin McGuire, but it was the first time pictures had accompanied the accusations. If a picture spoke a thousand words, this horrendous video and the photos that accompanied it screamed a million. Colin could never talk his way out of my seeing his tongue being buried in that woman’s throat, seeing him grab her ass and grinding on her for all to see.

Falling back on the couch, I tried to unsee what I’d just watched. I couldn’t believe Colin was so blatant and stupid. Most celebrities knew if they were going to cheat, they should do it where people couldn’t watch them or take photos for proof. Apparently the VIP section of a club in London was not that place. Maybe he wanted to get caught? But why not just break up with me first?

Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?

I struggle with setting the scene and really remembering that people like description and not just dialogue based action. I'm so dialogue driven-  I'm trying to slow down and take my time with things, but it's very hard. I love to write fast paced stuff!

Who is your favorite author and what is it that really strikes you about their work?

My favorite author?  That's tough!  I will say that Tara Sivec is unbelievably talented in so many genres and they're ALL so good. I love the way that she writes a story and can write them all so differently- that's a great talent that I don't think many posses. I'm constantly in awe of her ability and enjoy reading everything she writes! 

If you could co- author a book with another author who would it be?

I think Jillian Dodd or Tara Sivec would super fun to partner up with!  I'll even throw Abbi Glines name in the ring!  lol

Who designed the covers?

Michelle Warren from Indie Book Covers does ALL my books, She is the best designer out there- hands down.

What was the hardest part of writing your book?

just challenging myself to be better with each story I write. I'm always trying to grow, write better, be better, etc..

Do you have any advice for other writers?

Follow your heart- not your wallet. Don't do this for the wrong reasons.

Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?

I freaking LOVE you and owe you everything!  I never take you for granted. You are so appreciated and I am so thankful for you.  :)

What do you like to do when your not writing  you next book?

I'm doing everything I can for my son and his future baseball career. So I'm at the game, traveling with him, etc. It's all baseball, all the time in this house!

What is your favourite  movie?

I love Bull Durham, Sliding Doors, The Sweetest 
Thing....  so many

If one of your books was made in to a movie like so many  books from amazon, which one would you like it to be and who would you cast as your  leading characters?

I think The Perfect Game might be okay on the big screen, but I'm not sure!  RYAN GUZMAN is jack carter. Hands down. There is no one else! 
 And for Cassie- I'm still torn!

What an when is your next release?

Breaking Stars- Paige & Tatum's story is coming 
June 29th! It's available for pre-order now
 and I hope you all enjoy it!  :)

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