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Mary Smith = purple

     Lindsay Paige = green


You are both hockey mad! Who is your favourite teams?

M- My favorite is the Chicago Blackhawk
L- My favorite team is the Pittsburgh Penguins, the BEST team ever. ;)

Who is your favourite hockey player?

M- My all-time fave is Patrick Sharp.
L-I have two: Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin.

How did you both Co-authoring come together?

M- I had asked LP to read my first book ‘Melting Away’ the Ice and soon after that, she asked me to co-write with her. I may have passed out when she asked. We started soon after that and never looked back
L- Yeah, that’s how it happened. Ha-ha
Out of all your leading men in your Co-authored series: ‘who is your favourite and why?’

M- My favorite is one that we will discuss at a later time … keep a look out ;)
L- I can’t tell you mine because you haven’t met him yet! ;)

Who is your favourite leading Lady and why?

M- I will have to say that Ellie is mine from Looking for You! I love her innocence 
L- I love Kinley, from the third book Finding Carson Lee. Presley from the PK series is in a close second.

What inspired you to write?

L-Wanting to challenge myself and try new things.
M-What LP said! :)

What is next for the amazing duo?

L- We’re focused on our new series! :D So excited. 

Whom would you cast for your characters in your Co-authored books if it were made into a movie?

M- I’m not sure because we typically use hockey players as the ‘muse’ so, I would have to cast them to play the parts. Plus, it would get a chance for us to meet the hockey players ;)
L-No clue. I’m terrible with this question because I never think past how they look to me when writing it. And yeah, if we can cast hockey players, I’m so there!

How long does it take you to complete a book together and get it published?

M-It depends on the book and our schedules. I believe the ‘shortest time’ it took us to write a FULL Length book was 9 days, but it’s NOT published yet. Sometimes that is the ‘longer’ part because of editing, re-reading, fixing and waiting on the beta feedback.
L- And it depends on how busy we are and what solo books we're working on that may need more of out attention. And yeah, takes a few months to get it ready for publication.

What is the process you ladies go through when writing a book together. Is there any rituals you do?

L- I don’t think it’s a ‘ritual’ per se, but we usually talk/take notes and then dive in. The one thing that we do ALL THE TIME is talk. We make sure that our ideas are the same or we discuss other plots/ideas. It’s all about communication.
M- Oh yeah. If notes and plotting count as rituals, then that’s ours. We have a doc with all our ideas and what we want in certain books jotted down. We’ve started writing even more together. Instead of doing a chapter each, sometimes we’ll both hop into the doc and write scenes together. And we do talk. a LOT. It’s almost too much if that’s possible haha.

Where do you see your self in 5 years time and is there anything  you would  like to share from up and coming  books?

M-  In five years I see LP and I still popping out ideas together and publishing books. She thinks she can rid of me, but she can’t. As far as upcoming project … keep a look out for more announcement for Oh Captain My Captain Series. There might be more to come
L- In five years, I’ll be doing more of what I’m doing now. Hopefully, still writing solos and books with Mary. Writing with her is like crack and I’m addicted hahaha. And, I think Mary is going to be posting cool stuff on her blog soon about the next book, A Hockey Player’s Proposal.

How do you come up with the brilliant plots for your books?

M- This is a team effort. Sometimes LP has a brilliant and then there are times that I do. We always talk everything out and the ideas just start flowing.
L-Right, one of us has the initial idea and then we hash out more of it before we start and as we write.

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