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Author interview 

Hi Stefanie,Tell us a little about yourself?
My pen name is S. C. Miotto. I am an East coast, NY native. I absolutely love writing, it’s what makes me truly happy. I currently live with my three kids and husband in NJ. 
 How would you discribe your book (s)?
The current series I have published is a fictional romantic tale full of mystery and suspense. I am working on Emerald Heart which should be releasing in the fall. 

What genre is your work mainly? Do you tend to stay in the same vein or are you hoping ( if not already) to explore new ventures?
Romantic suspense. I am definitely branching out to other genres
Share with us a quote from one of your favorite characters?
“What you do to me, there is no word in the universe that exists yet that even comes close to describing it.”
Is it hard to come up with new idea's and / or plot's?
They just come to me, sometimes when I’m showering or washing dishes. I usually don’t have to put much work into it. Writing usually should come naturally. 
How long does it take you to complete a finished book?
It could be anywhere from 4 months to a year.
What inspired you to write your book (s)?
I’ve been writing since I was young (9) however I started writing Moonstone Dreams in 2011 and decided to publish it after attending a seminar. 

Who is the easiest character to write and why?  Hardest and why?
I love writing scenes with my main couple. Their interaction comes so naturally to me. There aren’t a lot of characters that are hard for me to write. Usually the new ones are more difficult until I really find their voice. 
Are your characters based on real people? People you may know on Tv / Movie stars?
I only have a few characters that have personalities similar to friends of mine. 
Without giving anything away, what is/are your favourite scenes in your book?
I love all the date scenes in both books. I think the couple is very sweet together and I have a lot of fun reading and writing their scenes
What is up next for you?
Working on Emerald Heart which is book 3 in Victoria’s series

Do you have any hobbies?
I love to do zumba, walking, dancing, and cooking. Otherwise there isn’t much time left between the kids and writing for anything else.
Is there anyone besides you in your family
 who writes?
I’m the only one, but my little ones are very artsy.
 When did you start? What was your first piece? First published piece?
My first story was also a romance I wrote and read to my friends during sleepovers. My first published was a poem in highschool.
Do you have any favourite books? Authors ? Movies?
I have way too many favorite books to name. I have met many amazing authors during this journey. Same thing with movies, tons of favorites.
 Do you have a favourite character?
My favorite character in my series is
definitely Collin
What is your favourite genre to write?
Romance and darker reads
What is your favourite genre to read?
Romance, thriller, erotica
 How long have you been writing?
19  years
Who or what has been your biggest literary influence?
The author who ran the publishing expo was the one who really pushed me to publish. Also the indie author world is amazing full of wonderful supportive authors.
How about characters?  Are they easily born and developed?
My characters all have minds of their own and basically tell me what to type!
Do you ever find yourself a struggling writer?
I find myself struggling to find the right amount of time to get in to write and edit.
Have you ever trashed a novel or story before or after finishing it, feeling it wasn't turning out as you planned?
I try to work on everything I have even if that means changing the majority of it until I like the result.

Do you have a special time or place to write?
I had a great venue that I loved that closed down. Now I have a Starbucks that I like.
Any funny experiences or quirks you'd like to share with your readers?
I am obsessed with this one particular seat in the Starbucks where I write. If someone is sitting there I will stalk the seat until it’s free. I also write to a playlist.
Which of your books would you like to see made in to a movie?
I would love to see Moonstone Dreams as a movie! That would be awesome.
 What was it like to publish your first book?
It was fun and surreal, but I didn’t know what I was doing. It took about 8 months for me to figure it out.
What advice would you give to others who want to make writing their career?
I think it’s very important to make friends with those who are in the community. Many authors and bloggers are very supportive and would be happy to help you when you’re ready.
What is your next project?
After the Moonstone Dreams series I will be working on a novel called Evangeline Anonymous.
What is the worst job that you have ever done and why?
The worst job I ever had was an office job because it was insanely boring and they paid me very little because it was temp.
Do you ever get ideas at random moments, and if so how do you hang on to them?
All the time! I always have a notebook on me and I also write in my phone notes!
How do you overcome writers block?
I usually don’t allow myself to get it by writing every single day. And reading helps.
Can you write on demand and under pressure, or do you need time and space before the creativity starts to flow?
I like being under pressure and having deadlines. Otherwise it would be just a hobby.

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