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Exclusive Sneak peak - UNCONDITIONAL


*****Teaser From Chapter One*****

“Hey boys, having fun?” I ask sweetly. 
Both boys said hey back and smile at me and Preston winked at me.
 Luke however lost it; he grabbed my arm squeezing and pulling me out of the kitchen. “What the hell Luke. What is your problem? 
You’re hurting my arm”. He stopped at the bottom
 of the stairs and let me go. “What’s my fucking problem? You dressed like this, you look cheap and easy, Just like the girls that 
come to the club on a friday nights who are just
 looking for a quick fuck. I warned you earlier Star 
not to dress like this. You might as well have walked in
 the kitchen in your underwear”. Slap! I hit him full force 
across the face, tears starting to blur my eyes,
“Why do you have such a problem with me showing
 some skin Luke?  I’m nearly eighteen for fuck’s sake” I tell him,
 “Loads of girls do it, and most of them wear a lot less. 
So why can’t I Luke?” I start crying even more. 
He comes close to my face. “Because Star you are 
my baby sister and I don’t want you walking around 
or going out like that. Just in case something bad happens
 to you because there are too many perverts out 
there Star I'm a boy I know how boys think, I worry about you. 


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