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Mason review

Review written June 17, 2014 (Remastered for new blog)

Book Review -Mason by Tijan Writings

Mason is the prequel to the massive mash hit fallen crest high. This book takes you inside the head of the hot headed Mason Kade. Mason is a ball of fire just waiting to explode, he loves his family and if anyone crosses him or tries to hurt his family they need to run in the opposite direction.

As this is a prequel you get to read about the actual events that happened to Mason and his younger brother Logan. The Kade boys had a very privileged but yet also a very sad youth. Things aren’t as they seem in the kade household. You also get to see why Mason loves Logan so fiercely and why he is so protective over him. This book answer’s loads of unanswered questions that you read in the next few books.

One of my favourite parts is where he outs his father in front of the women’s husbands/partners found that part really amusing. I absolutely loved book by Tijan Writings. I recommended reading this for everyone.

Star rating 5/5


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