I am a wife and a mother of three.



This is the real me, my name is Louise I am 33 and married with three children.

In 2011, just before I had my youngest son I had finally decided to write down some of the ideas that I had buzzing about in my  head for a while . That went on for sometime then in January of 2014 I had this dream about what It would be like to meet my favorite actor and for almost four days I kept having the same dream over and over so I would wake up and write what I remembered on my memo pad on my phone. Then before I new it I had the outline plot for the whole story , so I typed it up on my laptop and that is how my first book Ryder james came to be.

Now if you asked me who my dream was about I may tell you the actor who was the inspiration behind him. Some friends  already now but incase you want to know take a close look at the guy on the cover because I think he looks a bit like him.
This cover was designed  by kellie dennis at cover by design , I think she did a brilliant  job from what I told her to look for.

If I'm honest I still don't feel like a writer dispite selling copies of RYDER JAMES on kindle. Ryder is currently undergoing some work and will be updated by November 2016.

I do have another book that will be out this year and I will be sharing exclusive teasers on here before anyone else gets to see them as well. The book is called UNCONDITIONAL  it is slightly  darker than RJ. So keep your eyes open for that.

I also have written my first erotic short story called FANTASIES AND DREAMS WITH MR X, I'm not sure when I will be releasing that one but all the feedback had is really good. 

As well as this is have started writing on wattpad, the story is called THE BEAST WITH IN. It will be a short story based right here in South Wales up in the mountains of Brecon.

When I'm not busy I love to watch dvds and I love reading Rockstar romance books, they give a buzz when I read them . 

In April I was lucky  enough to  go to the British book affair in  London  and I got to meet so many amazing authors and had my photos  taken with  few of my favorite ones.

                         Ashley  suzanne

                           Alex Murphy

                           Ava Manello

                           Abbi Glines
                   Jane HarveyBerrick and
                           the two jamies.

It was an absolute  honour  to meet these amazing  authors, I was shaking Like a leaf when I was registering  to go in to the actual  event I was so freaking nervous  because I had never been to a author event even though I spoke to some of them online.  What blew me away more than anything  was how  they actually  remembered my name from hundreds that had  turned up.

 This one author  she was so sweetest  and friendly I was still shaking by the time I got to her and she  was just so sweet but the way she spoke to me put me at ease and then she give me a hug. She is one amazing  woman, I didn't  get to say this on the day but MICHELLE VALENTINE  thank you so much for being so sweet and nice to me. I loved finally getting  to meet you in person after talking  online to you. You truly are  a amazing  lady and a real inspiration.

I may come across  as a chatty type  but I am like a 11 year old when they start school, A complet nervous and shy.

I went to the event with a friend of mine Leanne Lewis,  we had a brilliant  laugh dispite  getting  lost loads of times. But we also made some friends with some really  lovely  ladies and had fantastic  laugh after the event. Thank you Alex Elisia  and Debbie

 The one thing that I really wanted to do was go on the London Eye . Me and Leanne did., the views were breath taking you can see all of London from the top. It was stunning. 

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