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REVIEW -Tales of FreeDom

Tales Of FreeDom
Mike O'Neill( O1 society)

My Thoughts

This was the first book that I read by this author, and at first I wasn't sure what to expect, but that soon changed my mind. I enjoyed reading this book from start to end and it was certainly an eye opener that's for sure. There was a lot of stuff in this book that we were lead to believe differently in other books, this was written by a real life Dom who has lived and breathed this lifestyle not someone who just researched the BDSM life.

This is a small collection of short mini sexy stories from a Dom's p.o.v and each story is different has themes. My favourite has to be Red, this is one erotic book and will leave you needing a very cold shower. if you want short and sexy then this is the book for you. I recommend you download this one today.

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