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DREAMS 13th April 2018

Pocket full of dreams

When we were growing up, we all had big dreams about what we wanted to be when we left school.  When we were in our nine year we had to choose our options for our GCSE'S, the teachers would tell us think about what you want to do when you leave school as a career before you pick your options.. When the teacher's would ask what do you want to do some would say nurse, doctor, Navy or army. Myself, well I was no exception the only thing I wanted to be was a police woman. I went through three years of wanting to be a police woman but then went I started year ten something changed, I decided I didn't want to be a police woman, I didn't know what I wanted to do I hated school and had not plans for college or university.

Fast forward nineteen years later I am a author from the South Wales Valleys, written two books and about to publish a third book in May. Never in a million years would I have said I am going to be a writer, looking back I hated reading and writing.  But now I get crazy ideas and turn them into stories.

We all have dreams we want to achieve some may be big and some might just be a pocket full of them. No matter how big or small they atr follow them only you  can make your dream become a reality.


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