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How did the idea of you co authoring a book come together? 

A.S: Well, Missy and I thought about writing something together and it started off as an internet dating book, until Missy, the genius that she is, pitched a dark student teacher book.  I fell in love and we started writing immediately.  

Which do you find harder to write individually or together?  

A.S: it’s a lot easier to write together.  There’s always someone to help you when you get stuck and knows the story inside and out just like you.  And it’s fun!!

Will we see more books of you co authoring together?  

A.S: We have signed 3 more books to Random House to start coming out in the Fall of 2016.  It’s a series revolving around a motorcycle club!!!

What's next for you both book wise?  

A.S: I’m writing something, just haven’t figured it out just yet.  Tossing over a few ideas until one takes over my brain.

M.J:  next for me is Ugly cry,Words Left Unsaid, and an erotic romance. Swing, both releasing in June.

What is your favorite books of each others that you read and why? 

A.S: I could read Always You until the day I die.  Beautiful story, wonderfully written and amazing development.

M.J: I'm a huge fan of all of Ash's books, but her Mirage series will always hold a special place in my heart. 💜

How did you ladies meet?

 A.S: We’ve been FB friends for quite a while but I think we met in an author group and just decided to be buddies from then.

M.J: I don't remember haha!Maybe in one of our author groups? She just sort of wormed her way into my life now now I can't get rid of her.😛

Is it hard to write with the different timezones?

A.S: It was at first, then we learned each other’s schedules.  Now, we know when the other is awake and how to contact them best!

M.J: It actually worked really well because I'd do my bit and then send it to Ash, and it was always waiting for me the next day. it made it easier if anything.

What do you like to do for fun when you aren't busy writing?  

A.S: Hell, I’m not sure I’m ever not writing, but I guess I’d have to say reading or catching up on TV.
M.J: For me everything at the moment is baby related and getting ready for her(only nine weeks to go .Eeek!)

What is next for you both?  

A.S: more books!!!
M.J: After my next two releases, I'll be having a little bit of a break while I get use to motherhood.

  Tell us a bit about your Main Characters? 
 A.S:Noah is the sweetest and Zara is a little nutty.  I think everyone is going to love Noah once they really get to the meat of him, but Zara … she’s going to be hit or miss, but then I remember how many heroines I’ve hated, but loved the book.  So, I’m holding out hope that she isn’t too much, but she is a wack job!

M.J: Zara is actually a very sweet girl and loyal girl, she's just been through a lot. She never really got over her cousins death and that kind of consumed her life. Deep down, she's witty , driven and very smart.

If the book was made a film who would you want to play them? 

A.S: I would want Noah to be played by Ryan Guzman and Zara played by Hayden Panettiere.

M.J: Hmm. I don't even know LoL. But one thing for sure, I'd look forward to being there when they casted Noah.

 Who is your favorite character that you've written?

 A.S: Honestly, I love Garrett, he’s kind of perfect in my eyes.  And also he’s from my favorite story I’ve written.

M.J: Jack Falcon. He's always going to be my favorite character.What can I say I love me a bad boy.

What advice would you give to your younger self? 


M.J : Don't be afraid to go after what you want.

Which writers inspire you? 

A.S : there’s an entire list.  Someone once told me “In order to be a great writer, you must read great writing” and if that statement is true, I’m doing something right by reading everything Madeline Sheehan writes, as she’s the best writer I’ve read!

M.J: Way too many to list.There are so many amazing authors out there that I'm in awe of. The hard work and hours they've put into getting themselves where they are is what drives me to keep going.

How did this story come to be? 

A.S:Just something fun to do with a friend that turned into so much more!

M.J: Just Ash and I throwing idea's back and forth and it eventually became a story.

What can readers look forward to with the new book you wrote together? 

M.J: A great story that will keep you enthralled until the end 

Have you met in person before agreeing to do the book together?

M.J: I've never met Ash! Getting over to the US TO MEET her is at the top of my list.

Thank you both for joining me today

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