I am a wife and a mother of three.





Tell us a little about yourself?
I'm a really boring person with a love for live rock music and a very vivid imagination.
 So I live vicariously through my characters.

How would you describe your books?
Sometimes sweet, sometimes funny, always sexy.

 What genre is your work mainly, do you stay in the same vein or are you hoping to (if not already) to explore new ventures?

I mostly write erotic romance about rock stars.
 I have written a lot of other books. But either I haven't published them or they aren't popular. So yeah, mostly erotic romance about rock stars.

Can you share with us a quote from one of your favorite characters?
"I'll think about it tomorrow." --Scarlett O'Hara

 Who is your favorite member of the sinners and why?

I can't pick favorites. Each of the band members of Sinners are so different from each other, that they all own a piece of my heart, but for different reasons. Brian makes me swoon with his wide romantic streak, Sed makes my heart pound with his self-confidence, Jace makes my heart ache with everything he's been through, Eric makes me laugh with his cornball jokes, and Trey turns me on with his sensuality. So uh, yeah. No favorites. I'll take one of each, please.

Backstage Pass holds a special place in my heart as it was the very first Ebook I read, I absolutely loved Brian Sinclair. Backstage pass is one of my top two favorite books I have ever read. So I wanted to ask how did his character come to be?
I was at a rock concert lusting after the lead guitarist of the band and thought I should write a book about a rock star who is nothing like you'd expect a rock star to be--considerate, romantic, falls in love easily, is really good in bed (well, maybe that is expected). And thus, Brian Sinclair was born.

What inspired you to write and how long have you been writing for?
Like most writers, I liked to read. I love be transported into a world outside of reality. And then I started to imagine my own worlds and characters, so I started writing them down. I started writing in high school. Never really thought I could make a career out of it.

 Who was the easiest character to write and the hardest to write?
I'll assume this is directed to my Sinners characters, because there are a lot of characters milling about in my mind all the time. Brian was the easiest to write, probably because he was the first and for me, Sed, was the hardest, because I don't really get along with dominate males in real life and he's about as dominate as they come.

Without giving anything away, what is your favourite scene in your book(s)?
When the band went grocery shopping in Backstage Pass. Cracks me up.

How much of the book is realistic and are any based on someone you know or events in 
your own life?
Well, I hope it's all realistic, even if it is a romantic fantasy, but not much of it is based on real life. I did draw from things that have happened to real life metal bands in some of the books.

Which actor/actress would you like to see playing your lead characters from any off your books in a movie?
I'm really bad at answering these questions, because I don't know the names of many actors/actresses and I don't think I could watch a movie made of my books because they wouldn't match the images or voices I experience when I read and write. I have the same problem with other books that are made into movies.

When did you decide to become a writer?
I didn't really decide, I just wrote and whenever I finished a book, I'd try to get it published. It never worked out for me until Backstage Pass.

When your not writing how do you relax?
Actually I do far too much relaxing instead of writing. But I like to go to concerts, visit amusement parks and zoos, play with my dogs, garden, play video games, read, cook, waste time online, and spend time with my family. I told you I was boring.

What is your favorite movie?


Is there one subject you would never write about as a author and what is it?
Incest. Gross. And also insects, which are also gross.

Do you work out a outline or plot or do you prefer to see where an idea takes you?
A little of both. I usually do a very rough outline 
and don't stick to it.

Any tips on what to do and what not to do when it comes to writing and do you have
 any advice for aspiring authors?
Write what you love. Your passion will come through in your writing. Don't underestimate the importance of craft. Study writing to learn how to do it properly.

What is your favorite genre to read and write?
 I like to read YA fantasy and obviously write erotic romance. (Though I do write fantasy for my own enjoyment. Not gonna lie.)

Is there anything you would like to say to your readers?
Thank you for allowing me to do what I love. Without you, I'd still be teaching.

How long does it take you to complete a book from start to publish and what was your first ever book and how did it feel to get it published?
It depends. Some books write themselves and only take a few months. Most take about six months. And then there are those that try to kill me. Those take more than six months. My first ever book was Without A Doubt and it was never published, so it felt pretty crappy.

Have you ever trashed a novel or story before finishing it feeling it wasn't going how you planned out?
I never give up on a story. I've completely altered what I started with by rearranging, removing scenes and rewriting, but I don't think I've ever scrapped an entire book. I do have plenty that I never finished.

Do you have a special time or place that you write?
I write best in the morning before I'm interrupted by real life. I just sit in a recliner or on the couch and write on my laptop or I sit at my desk and write on the desktop. But I am very easily distracted.

 Do you have any funny quirks or experiences you like to share with your readers?

Like wearing lucky socks or something? I'm afraid I'm not that interesting. Sorry.

 Do you ever get ideas at random moments and how do you hang on to them?
Usually in the shower or while driving. I have no idea how many great ideas I've lost because they come at me when I'm not paying attention. I sometimes enter them into my phone, but usually, I just churn the thought over in my head and hope I don't lose it.

Can you write on demand and under pressure or do you need time and space before the creativity starts to flow?
I give myself deadlines, but never meet them. However when someone else gives me a deadline, I never miss it. So I guess I work better under pressure.

Whats the the worst job you have done and why?
I worked in a nursing home laundry room cleaning poop stains out of the underwear of old people. Because I was broke. 
Why else?

How do you over come writers block?
I cry a lot until it passes on its own.

What is next for you and can you share a little of it?
I'm currently working on Brian and Myrna's honeymoon story.
Sneak peek:
Brian dropped his keycard on the kitchen counter and rushed to the glass door that led to the balcony. The cerulean ocean stretched before him as far as he could see. Down below, tall palm trees swayed in the onshore breeze and a few beachgoers dotted the white sand and walked in the surf.
“What an amazing view,” he said, breathless in awe. He’d always loved the ocean and had always been partial to his native Southern Californian beaches. Until now.
“I’ll say,” Myrna said.
When he glanced over his shoulder at her, she wasn’t looking at the beach at all.
“Are you staring at my ass?”
“At the moment, yes, but the entire package looks amazing to me.”
“I’ll give you the entire package,” he said, taking her by the wrist and tugging her into his arms so he could kiss her deeply.

Who is your favorite band or artist?
I don't have an absolute favorite band, but I do listen to rock music exclusively.

Which one of your books would you love to see up on  the big screen as a movie?
I honestly can't imagine my books translating well to film. Too much sex.

Who is your favorite couple out of all your books and why?
Just like the band members, I can't pick a favorite couple. I like them all.

There are tons of spoilers in this interview. If you have not read Backstage Pass, you should probably read the book before proceeding.




To Both: What were you thinking when you first met in the bar?

Myrna: Master Sinclair is a sexy beast
Brian: I was too drunk to think


To Myrna: What was going through your head when you were sat at the table surrounded by the rock band?

Myrna: Sweet!

To Myrna: And what were your first impressions of each of the members?

Myrna: They were all really nice too me. Sed came on a bit too strong and Jace was really shy. I wasn't sure what to think of Eric--he takes a bit of getting used to. And Trey was kind of mellow that night. I was most interested in Brian.

To Brian: How did you feel waking up to Myrna knowing that she took care of you the night before and didn't take advantage of you?

Brian: Are you sure she didn't take advantage of me? I woke up with a huge erection. But it was sweet of her to take care of me.

To Myrna: How did you feel waking up the way you did with the hot rock god next to you?

Myrna: Um, excited. To say the least.

To Brian: How did you feel when you found your muse in Myrna and you got your magic back?

Brian: I knew I'd been blessed with a miracle. No way was I going to ever get over her.

To Myrna: How did you feel when one of the hottest guys on the music scene told you that you are his muse?

Myrna: I thought it was a little crazy, to be honest.

To Brian: When did you realise that you had fallen hard for myrna and w as in love with her?

Brian: When she left.

To Myrna: You were scared to admit your feelings to Brian. When did you first realise you loved him?

Myrna: Not until I told him. I probably loved him before that, but I didn't realize it.

To Both: Do you have any regrets about having Trey join you in bed? How did you both feel at the time?

Brian: Of course not. It's always fun.
Myrna: I got a bit of a shock.

To Brian: Why were you so jealous of Sed and Myrna when Sed was messing about in the car?

Brian: Sed has broken up so many of my relationships. How do you expect me to feel about him hitting on my woman?

To Myrna: Why did you decide to stand up to Brians parents for him after repeatedly saying it was only fun between you and Brian?
Myrna: Because his dad was being a dick.

To Brian: What were you thinking when Myrna stuck up to your parents for you?

Brian: She did?

To both: You can't seem to keep your hands off each other always touching even now in the interview anyone can see how loved up you guys are. Is it always like this or do you fight like every couple?

Brian: We only fight so we can make up.

To Brian: What was going through your head when you met Myrnas ex in her place?

Brian: I was afraid for her.

To Myrna: How did you feel when you saw your ex who put you through so much was beating Brian up?

Myrna: Pissed. I'm kind of defensive of Brian. More so than I am of myself.

To Both: How is the tour going with the band? And how are the other members of the band?

Brian: We always have a great time on tour.
Myrna: The guys have been very patient with me and Brian hogging the bedroom.

To Brian: When did you first realize you wanted to marry Myrna?

Brian: When we were in the bathtub with Eric. Yeah, I know how that sounds.

To Myrna: You were scared to commit after your ex, so how did you feel when Brian asked you to marry him?

Myrna: I thought he was joking at first.

To Brian: How did you feel when you found out Trey had feelings for you?

Brian: He's just my best friend. No idea what you mean by "feelings".

To Myrna: How did you feel about Trey having feelings for Brian? Were you scared you would lose him.

Myrna: Now that Brian is mine, I won't let anyone come between us.

To both: How was the wedding and what does the future hold for you both?

Myrna: The wedding was very spur of the moment, but I'll never forget it.
Brian: I didn't care about the wedding, just the wife.
Myrna: We'd really like to start a family soon.
Brian: How about now?!




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