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Over the last few years I have read twelve of Tijan's books and each and loved everyone of them for different reasons. They are all brilliant in their own right. This is the thirteenth book of hers that I have read and it is no different, I have read loads of stepbrother books and 9 times out of ten its the same thing boy meets girl, fall in love then they find out they are step siblings. It doesn't matter how people twist it, it's still the same thing and after twenty plus stepbrother books it tends to get really boring.

Anti Stepbrother was completely different, it was fresh and unique. Just when I thought I was going to see the same thing again she surprised me, the twist was unexpected, Caden was the bad boy with a good heart. Kevin was a major dickwad that needed his balls clipped for the way he treats women. Colten is a sweatheart you feel sorry for him, he will leave you warm and tingly. Summer is a kind sassy girl who doesn't listen to her head but soon realises what the heart wants is not always what the heart needs.

I loved reading Anti stepbrother, it was a refreshing change to the other stepbrother books. I thought I had a favourite character of Tijan's that was until I met Caden. Mason Kade from fallen crest had met his match and I think readers will love Caden more than Mason . Highly Recommended  

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